We Were On A Break By Lindsey Kelk





About the book

Liv and Adam have been dating 3 years, she a vet, he a carpenter, ready to make the next step Adam is about to pop the question to Liv on their holiday. Liv’s best friend Cassie has stuck to girl code and given Liv the heads up. when on the final night he doesn’t get down on one knee and starts to act strange Liv was left with the question she wasn’t expecting what is he playing at?. It leads them to have an argument on the plane home, resulting in them taking a break from their relationship.


My review

It was the classic title of the of this book that made me pick it up from the shelf, I thought you can’t go wrong with a book that has a FRIENDS quote on the front and reading the back made for an intriguing read, making me put it in my basket and take to the checkout.

I haven’t previously read any of Lindsey’s book, hearing rave reviews of her work I was excited to open it up to read, sadly I was very disappointed.

Lets start with a positive of the story, I wasn’t expecting it to be told from both Liv and Adams points of view, this made it interesting. Getting inside both their minds seeing their break  from each of their perspectives. It gave you the opportunity to get to know each of the characters individually which I enjoyed.

Now to what I sadly didn’t like, the story was very predictable, there was an anti climax to the story. It plodded along with no twists and turns, no moments where you were at the edge of your seat, wondering what was going to happen next. You are  left wondering when the unexpected is going to happen, I was still waiting 200 pages in, the only time the story was vaguely enjoyable was the very last 30 pages.

The story didn’t grab me, it wasn’t willing me to get to the end, resulting in me reading it over a couple of weeks instead of the couple of days, which is a typical time it takes me to read a book. It just wasn’t screaming at me to pick it up and finish which was a real shame as I really wanted to enjoy it.

The characters though likeable,  I wasn’t drawn to them, I wasn’t fighting for their relationship, I wasn’t hoping and willing for them to have their happy ending. It really disappointed me as I usually take the characters into my heart, feeling I’m  apart of their story.

Just because I didn’t connect to this story I wont let it put me off reading Lindsey’s books, I look forward to reading more of her stories.



peanut (Laura) xx


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