Always On My Mind By Colette Caddle




About the book

Molly and Declan have had to put their wedding on hold, whilst dropping Declan off at the airport for an important job interview Molly spots a familiar face in the crowd one she hasn’t seen for 18 years, the face of the boy she once loved, her childhood sweet-heart Lucas.

Molly needs to seek Lucas out after he vanished at the airport, she needs to resolve some things from their past, with her fiancé away can she keep her old feeling under control ?can they heal their hearts from their past?.

My review

Firstly I thought this was going to be your typical girl sees first love, she falls in love again and they live happily ever after, a sweet story of love but this isn’t that story.

The story touches on the feeling of your first love, there’s nothing like it, we all remember and maybe think of them fondly at the memories. In this case Molly and Lucas need to come together to resolve the event that caused the passing of Lucas’s sister Ruth. They were all the best of friends and her passing sent them veering off in different directions.

This was a really interesting concept of a story to use, giving you mixed emotions of sorrow and love for both Molly and Lucas. I liked how we got flash backs of the 3 of them together and why her loss was so hard for them both to take, even never telling those around them of their heart-break.

Seeing Molly and her sister Laura go chasing around Ireland after Lucas was fun it added excitement to the story, though I was feeling very sad and pity for her sister Laura for her actions and the reason behind them. Part of me thought Molly shouldn’t be chasing after a one time love, it wasn’t fair on Declan but I knew and understood why she needed to bury the ghost of her past.

I liked how Colette used the mixed up feeling of love and grief, though many years have passed neither had gotten over the loss of the person they both loved. It mixing their feelings in the present, I liked how the more they talked and understood the past and stopped blaming themselves, they could see through the fog of their feelings in the present. My heart broke for Lucas, you could feel through the pages how he wasn’t coping at the loss of his sister and it was going to take time for him to get over more deal with her loss.

You feel that Molly is free from her past when she tells those she loves of her past and her love for her lost friend, the message I got from this book was you have to deal with your past don’t bury it, don’t bury your grief of those you lost.

This was a sweet, fun, heart-felt story you wont be able to put down.

Peanut (Laura Gilmore) xx


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