Some Kind Of Wonderful By Sarah Morgan


Sarah Morgan has written a trilogy of books called Puffin Island, the 3 books follow 3 friends Emily, Brittany and Skylar. They each have their own individual stories.

Book 1 Emily: first time in forever

Book 2 Brittany: Some kind of wonderful

Book 3 Skylar: christmas ever after

This book review is for book 2 in the trilogy, Some kind of wonderful, this is Brittany’s story.

About the book

Can a relationship work second time around? 

Brittany and Zachary flynn married young, she the local girl of Puffin Island and he the bad boy Brittany just couldn’t stay away from. Their marriage lasted 10 days before Zach did a runner, only leaving Brittany a note.

10 years later

Both returning to the island, Brittany is a well travelled passionate archeologist, She has injured her arm and is home to recuperate. Zach has become a successful pilot, he isn’t just carrying passengers he’s holding on to alot of his own baggage of his tragic childhood which you can’t blame him for.

My review

The title of this glorious book couldn’t have been more perfect, it is wonderful and so much more.

I haven’t read a story like this previously with the use of themes, abuse, trust and intimacy issues, love and friendship. Its goregous, poinant and insightful, it was truly a remarkable read, that will forever have a place on my bookcase and a place in my heart.

One of my favourite themes of the story is the friendship between the woman Emily, Skylar and Brittany. It was refreshing to have woman in a story that support each other,  have each others backs know matter what. They love each other unconditionally and have a beautiful sisterhood that brings joy to the story. They aren’t friends, they’re family making me want to be apart of their clan.

Though a heart-wrenching topic of abuse, I liked how Sarah used it, giving Zach this back-ground, making it an interesting and thought provoking read. It meant you couldn’t hate him for his actions, though Frustrating at times wanting Zach to understand not all humans are evil. That trust can be earned back, people can love you for you and not hurt you. His character I could see as a child dealing with those awful things that happened to him, turning him to an angry and hurt man it made me angry and cry at the same time. It was lovely seeing him change, Zach finally seeing you can’t let your past effect your future, your future can be bright full of amazing people and love. These messages in the story were simpley stunning, it made me cry with pure joy at the ending.

My favorite character was Brittany, as I read the story I wished I was more like her. She is strong-willed, fisty, has an ever giving heart and determination never to turn her back on those she loves.

The relationship between Brittany and Zach is complex, they oozed passion they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I liked that Sarah used the dfference between being physically intimate and emotionally intimate with someone. How that changed within their relationship after Zach began to open up about his past. He trusted Brittany and was able to thaw his heart that he had closed of emotion to, too protect himself.

Reading about puffin island made me feel as though I was on the island surround by the sounds of the ocean and nature at the summer camp. The wakey residents made me laugh and smile, though nosey, loved giving casseroles and new more about you than you do, they were the most kind people, that took you in to their hearts making me want to move there and be an islander.

To answer the question at the start can a relationship work second time around YES! You can meet the right person but at the wrong time, for these two second time around was meant to be their time.

This was a fabulous book that I will cherish, with it’s characters and story you cant help but love it, I know you will too.

Peanut (Laura Gilmore) xx


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