Who’s That Girl By Mhairi McFarlane




Author: Mhairi Mcfarlane

Publusher: Harper Collins publisher

Released: 2015



About the book

Edie is a 35 year old copywriter, she has fallen for the wrong guy Jack. Jack is her colleagues boyfriend who is also working with them. On his wedding day to charlotte he kisses her, shocked and in a heap of mess her boss gives he get out of the office free card. She has the opportunity  to go and write the autobiography of the heart-throb actor Elliot Owen with know uncertainty terms her boss says do not sleep with the talent, can she resist him?


My review

This is an intriging, witty, smart story with romance and a heart- warming story of family and wonderful friends.

The phrase I couldn’t put the book down was know truer with this read. I picked it up at 3:30pm on Saturday and didn’t stop reading till 2:30 am Sunday morning. Looking at the time and thinking “I’m sure I had only read for a few hours, where had my day gone?” in the wonderful world of Edie.

The story was beautiful, pull at heart-heart-stings, please let their be a happy ending and the vile characters get what they deserve kind of read.

It’s not your normal oh I’ve fallen for a film star, he sweeps you off your feet (though that technically happened at one point) lifes perfect kind of story. Far from it, it has depth, humour, sorrow and sadness but it will leave you with a warm fuzzy happy feeling of contentment.

The story had an abundance of characters some characters enchanting Edie being one of them. I adorderd her because those around her see how amazing she is but her. That leads her to making not great decisions liking someone elses guy being one of them. She is relatable and kind, always thinking of others character. She made me see I also may choose the wrong option in life becuase I don’t think I deserve the job or the guy, it’s a flaw of us humans. It was a great issue to use in a book, its thought provoking. I was so pleased at how Edie changed through the book, she finally knew her worth leading her to make wiser decision because she knew she was worth it getting what she wanted.

Then there was Elliot (incert swoon face) not because he was a hunky actor but because he was a genuinely lovely guy, not the ego maniac you think of when you think actor. He melted me from the start with his manners, his wit and very smart come backs.

Then there was the characters you wanted to slap as soon as the entered the page, don’t you worry they get their comupence. I laughed and did a fist pump of yes!!!!! Good always wins.

One of my favourite characters was Margot,a scrappy, fiesty older lady who was an actress in her younger years. She had knowledge you could only get with passing time.

I found it interesting to see fame inside the bubble, making me glad I am not famous.

I was touched by Edie and here families past, it brought a tear to my eye at how it has effected her family, It was so heart felt. Edie’s relationship with her sister of bickering and miscommunication, there was out of love and not understand each other. Years wasted arguing when a conversation could have made life alot easier. This was a great message to have in the book.

The story touch in some delicate subjects and Mhairi wrote them in a respectful way.

From the first page it gripped me to the very last. When I got to the end I smiled, hoped there’s a sequel coming as I adored it and the character tremendously.

Peanut (Laura Gilmore) xx


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