Miss You By Kate Eberlen


About the book

Bumping into each other serval times whilst travelling in Italy on their gap year at 18, it was the first day of the rest of their lives for Tess and Gus. They have know idea that their chance but brief meetings will shape their futures. Spanning over 16 years we follow these two through lifes challenges, Family heart breaks, broken hearts, marriage, divorce, children, health issues all that life has to throw at them.

Are these two destined to be together or are they destined to just keep missing each other?

My review

This is no fairy tale story but a beautiful one that will leave you loving love and romance even more and being grateful for those you have in your life. Its an interesting concept of a story, the idea you could have met the person of your dreams, you just havent met them properly yet.

I enjoy the idea of how Tess and Gus’s lives were so intertwined, their meets and near misses only meeting when It was the right time for them in their lives.  I literally screamed with delight when they finally met. Though I was a little sad it was only in the last 50 or so pages as I would of liked more of them together as they were so adorable.

This story is so unbelievably touching, I shed many of a tear reading this goregous story. It touches on important topics such as cancer and asperges in a sympathetic and honest way, how it effects those with it and those around them. Opening my eyes to asperges more as I had a very small understanding of it prier to reading it. It has given me an insight into the disability though I dont think it is a disability it just means those who have it understand and feel the world around them in another way. Those with it can have a full and lovely life.

The story was so real and raw, I liked how the story of you thinking your life is going to take you in one direction, excited to what it’s going to be like to a tragedy striking meaning your life is thrown into turmoil. You have to find a way of finding happiness in this new expectant journey that is life and it’s cruel ways.

My favourite character was Hope, I adored her a quirky girl with such spirit, she brings humour and light with her ways. She made me see the workd in a new way,  through her eyes and through her thoughts, in ways I had never seen the world before.

Though the ending was beautiful and I cried (alot)  I was disappointed that we were left with questions that needed answering, I’m hoping for a second book as there is so much more for gese two characters. The ending elwas the beginning of a new chapter for them.

Peanut Laura Gilmore xx



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