Then.Now.Always By Isabelle Broom


Author: Isabelle Broom

Publisher: Penguin

Release date: 20th April 2017

About the book

Hannah Hodges is ready for an adventure in the place that took her heart as a teenager the Spanish island of Andalusia. Returning 10 years later for work with her boss Theo who she fancey the pants off of, her best friend Tom she is planning to make the most of the month she is with her crush. All was going to plan until her self-absorbed sister Nancy arrives, then the adventure really begins.

My review

I opened the first page and escaped into this evocative story, I didn’t return to the real world for two days. I was lost in pages with the characters that took me on a personal journey that opened my eyes and heart.

This story was truly beautiful, bringing in family history, sibling rivalry, idolised love and friendship, it will have you thinking about life and those you love.

The characters draw you into the enchanting story, the main character Hannah is fascinating in the way she thinks of relationships. With her history it has shaped the way she views marriage, I see myself reflected in her. Hannah bloomed from the book moment she steps onto the spanish soil, growing, turning into a woman who knows her feelings, confident and inspiring. I was like a proud big sister by the end of her transformation.

I adored Tom, the adorable best friend I throught I knew how his ending would be, I’m so pleased it didn’t end the way I hoped. His was even better and I smiled at the ending, it made my heart saw with happiness.

You get great eye candy in the shape of the Greek God Theo, I can see why Hannah has an almighty crush on him, putting him on a pedestal without really knowing him.

The character that took my breath away was Elaine, her story heart-breaking, powerful and raw it added a depth to the story with her growing friendship with Hannah. Both helping to heal each other, the ending bringing happy tears for this cherished character.

I love how Isabelle used family issues in her story, you will connect to it, you can image it being your family and how you would be in their situation. I was so pleased at the way the sisters were by the end, you see things differently as a child and Hannah found this out and was able to change her ways before it was to late.

You get transported to this exquisite island, the imagine of it so vivide in my mind, my skin feeling the heat and my eyes taking in the glorious senary. The way Isabelle writes you feel like you are there experiencing life with these characters.

I’m missing these characters terribly but I hope we get a glimpse of them in the future.

You will thoroughly enjoy this book, it will grab you and not let go.

Peanut (Laura Gilmore) xx


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