The Last Piece Of My Heart By Paige Toon


About the book

Bridget is a travel writer, she gets to travel to magnificent places at a fraction of the price best job ever! She has started a relationship blog, in which she discusses her love theory that every time you love someone you give a little piece of your heart to them. She wants those pieces back so she can love fully like you do with your first love. Hoping to turn it into a book, she gets a surprise when her agent wants her to ghost write a sequel to a successful book where the author had died suddenly.

Is this a stepping stone to getting her own book? Can she finish the book and make the audience happy with her attempt?.

my review

Bridget finally has her own book yippy!!!

I have been waiting patiently for a year yes a whole year since Paige said she was giving Bridget a story. I was beside myself with excitement, I’ve had the release date marked on my calendar with a big red circle around it. The moment I got my hands on it I was beaming, my stomach was doing summer solts till I turned over the first page. Then I was ready to devour it.

You will recognise Bridget from two of Paiges previous books Thirteen Weddings and The Longest Holiday. You don’t have to have read those to read this book, though I recommend you do because why wouldn’t you want to? they are awesome and will make you love Bridget even more.

The moment I opened the book I was captivated, there are know words to express how truly wonderful this story is. I read it within days even with the real world calling me. I had to use all my will power to put it down dont you just hate when life gets in the way of an amazing book? Even when I wasn’t reading this wonderful book I was thinking about it, with a smile on my face. I was wondering what my new beloved friends would be upto next.

We are so spoilt with this book it felt like there were three stories in one book. I found my self wondering what was going to happen with Bridget’s theory of love, meeting her ex’s and asking for the piece of her heart back. I was left wanting to know what would happen in the sequel “confessions of us” the late author Nicole’s book. Most of all the relationship between charlie and Bridget, going from awkward I’m here to finish off your dead wife’s book to an adoring friendship full of love.

Bridget was a character I have adore since she first entered Paiges book The Longest Holiday. Her character takes you on a wonderful journey with an amazing personality and a beautiful soul. She’s had a complicated love life before this point and that doesn’t stop in this book, I was laughing, crying also sceaming when meeting her ex’s. I shed a tear at the secret she has been holding making me want to hug her, making the ending only more heartfelt.

The chatacter charlie was my favourte (after Bridget) Charlie was a broken man, he had lost is spark for life after the tragic death of his wife. His friendship with Bridget brought light back in to his life full of darkness, laughter back in to his home leaving you with a warm glow deep down within you. I could feel his torment of missing his wife and coping as a single father to his daughter April through the pages.

Charlie is a character that you cant help but love, not just because hes handsome with his blonde hair and goregous eyes and the fact thar he’s great with his hands (he’s a carpenter of sorts). Paige has the nak of making me fall in love with men I cant have. I found my self feeling guilty for loving a married man, breaking down when he was hurting and confused with his feelings about his past and future. He is such a good man you just will for him to have a happy ending for him and his daughter April, who I fell hook line and sink for. Even though like Bridget I’m not a “kid” person she stole a piece of my heart too with her adorable smile and blonde curls.

The subject of a losing a loved one is touching and pulls at your heart, I could only imagine being in charlies shoes, bringing mixed emotions. How this story used this topic was beautiful, sweet and felt honest.

Though I wasn’t a fan of Nicole’s mother and sister with their frosty reception,  I could put myself in their position. Understand the longing for the person they loved having to see the world move on without her. It’s heart-breaking for them knowing she should be there with them, life goes on it always does.

I loved how we got to know Nicole through her own words and thoughts, though know longer there you feel her essence in the story, the woman she was flaws and all.

Bridgets love theory is intriging, taking you on her wild ride of meeting ex boyfriends noone really wants to see those again, their ex’s for a reason. Her theory of passed boyfriends having a piece of your heart and not loving fully I can kinda get. I think its not about giving your heart away its about giving pieces of your self to those you love, what happens in those relationships it changes you. It changes how you love, if you were hurt in your next relationship you maybe more guarded not loving with your full heart holding a little back so it doesn’t get broken again.

You yourself also leave a piece of you in the other persons heart, you change theirs and how they love too. You see that in some of Bridgets ex’s she meets not only do they have pieces of her heart she has theirs. Its true your first love is the purest because you’ve never been hurt, it’s exciting and not scary to love until you have been hurt that’s why you should choose carfully who you give your self and heart to.

Every destination Paige writes about you feel as though you are there, this time we are in Cornwall and Thailand, what stunning destinations to use. I felt I was there basking in the beauty  on the picturesque cornish beaches, as though I was there lying on the campsite hill drinking beer and laying there looking up at the stars and exploring the caves looking out at the blue water.

I have never been to Thailand but I feel like I have now with it being so vivide in my mind. My body felt the heat of the sun and my eyes saw the tropical views.

This story took hold of my heart and didn’t let go. It will stay with me, I now understand way Paige couldn’t let go of this character I can’t too. I’m left want more, feeling sad that it has ended and missing my friends. Hoping they will show up again in the future as I’m not ready to say goodbye.

Peanut (Laura Gilmore) xx

You can get this exquisite book from sainsburys for £2.99 where you get one extra chapter of  4000 words (insert happy dance).

Paige will also be posting this chapter on her website linked below on the hidden pages completely FREE, you get many bonus stories.


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