A Year And a Day By Isabelle Broom

a year



Author: Isabelle Broom

Date released: 17th November 2016


About the book

Three woman, their lives intertwined in the beautiful and magical city of Prague.

Megan is a photographer, she has gone to Prague with her “friend” Ollie a sweet, loveable teacher who is there to capture the city to enchant his class on the information he gets first hand rather than out of a book. Megan’s tagging along to help with the pictures and to get her own inspiration and pictures for her very first photography exhibition in London.

Hope has gone on a romantic trip to the city with her new boyfriend Charlie, she is recently divorced after 20 years of marriage, her daughter  hates her and she is feeling lost, can the city give her some answers?.

Sophie “bug” heart is full of love for her fiance Robin, they met and fell in love in this beautiful city 10 years ago when they were both backpacking at 18. They knew from the moment they met on the Charles Bridge that they found their missing piece, they found each other. In the city she loves, she takes us on a journey of her memories of them, we get to see their love story through her eyes, whilst she waits with bated breath for Robin to arrive to celebrate their love in the city that took their hearts all those years ago.


My review

Where to begin, I am writing this review through tear soaked eyes, it is safe to say I loved it, every last page, it was simply beautiful. It filled my heart with love for the characters and the story, my heart was bursting by then end. Be warned you will need tissues and waterproof mascara but you will enjoy every tear that you shed.

Isabelle chose A gorgeous city to set this story, the city captured my imagination through her words. You feel like your walking on the cobbled streets dusted with snow crunching under your feet, see the mixture of beautiful architecture around every corner, hearing the many clocks ticking as you navigate the city and you can feel the shivering temperatures that nip at your cheeks, you feel like you are in the pages with these ladies that become your friends.

The way Isabelle intertwined the three female leads was amazingly written, I can some times get confused and lost when reading multiple stories, you don’t with these characters and those travelling with them. Going from one to the other you are left wanting more of each of the characters, invested in their story and their hearts.

The three woman are at different stages in their lives, giving you juicy and enticing stories with them meeting in the hotel they are all staying at.  It was lovely to see strangers come together the way they did helping each other. It’s strange how people come into your life but for one of them it was timed perfectly, people come into your life just when you need them.

The character Megan what can I say I wanted to scream at her, shake her till I knocked some sense into her. She has this gorgeous man in front of her eyes, loving her, doting on her yet she keeps him at arm’s length. I can understand her character the most though frustrating, probably because I can see myself in her. Her love of photography, seeing the world through a lens wanting to capture a picture that people can feel not just an image they see. I can see why she wont give into her feelings for Ollie she doesn’t want to hurt him,  because of her past, her ex was a tool. You can’t put your life on hold, she is most passionate in her work when she has love, she just has to give into it. I would give anything to have a Ollie in my life he made me smile the way he looks at her adorable and full of love.

Hope was a really interesting character, she is so warm, loving and motherly. I could picture my own mother in her situation. I liked how Isabelle used modern times of todays woman leaving relationships in their 40’s and 50’s. Woman now  having a second shot at life, having to rebuild their lives and themselves. She was so lost as a character at the beginning, in a world she had never been in before, one where woman could have it all. Stepping out from behind the aprons and their husbands to having a fulfilling life of their own.  I enjoyed seeing her blossom by the end, it was wonderful to see. We all need a purpose and passion in life and I’m so utterly proud she found hers and herself.

Sophie was the one who truly took my heart, her telling of her love story of her and Robin made me fall in love with him too, I couldn’t wait for him to enter the story after her tales. Their love story is pure, a true love, one I wish I had myself. You feel in ore of it, that they have something really special, you can feel her love for him through the words speaks.

The clocks in the city capture the ticking of time passing, so quickly, you lose moments that you wont be able to take back. Time passes by in the blink of an eye and these characters wish for more seconds, more days. They slowly slip away second by second minute by minute hour by hour so make the most of those second, minutes hours. Enjoy those moments you share with those you love.

Love is a precious thing if you are lucky to find it hold it close to you and enjoy it don’t take it for granted that person may not always be as close as you want them. Don’t let fear ever stop you from loving, yes it is scary but it after all what makes life worth while.

I can’t express how truly beautiful this book is, buy it, open it, read it you will thank me.

Peanut (Laura Gilmore) xx





















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