Fix You By Carrie Elks

fixAuthor: Carrie Elks

Publisher: Corvus

Release date: February 2014

About the book

Can the person who broke your heart, not once but twice be the one that mend’s your heart?

Hanna and Richard met on New Years Eve at his family party,  New Years Eve will become “their thing”, he a preppy boy, she the quirky, goth girl there is an electric spark between them the moment they meet.

We follow their life over twenty years, their relationship developing from friendship, to romance, their love turning to dislike, surprising events happen and there is love once again but for how long?

Can they make it work once and for all?


My review

This story captured my soul, pulling on every romantic bone in my body with laughter, sorrow and the sweetest of love, it has become one of my favourite books.

The story was infectious, grabbing you from the very first page and making you to turn to the next before you know it your on the very last page. With it spanning over two decades, you experience many things with these characters, schooling, love and heart-break, death of a parent and life events that affects the world that being 9/11.

The story captured the heart of that major event, the loved ones effected by the devastation and how it changed life courses for thousands. It took me back to that day, the things that I saw and in a way through the fictional characters put me in the mind-set of those who experienced it first hand. Those waiting with bated breath to know if their loved ones were ok, those who had lost loved ones and how it shook and splintered their lives into a million pieces, their lives changed forever.

I enjoyed seeing Hanna and Richard grow through out those years, their lives had taken them to places they didn’t expect, seeing their attraction from the New Years Eve party grow into friendship with an underlying  and very obvious lust for each other but neither taking the step until years later when I screamed to myself finally, it was about time!.

Their story isn’t a smooth ride, its sends you on a rollercoaster of emotions reading their life’s story. What I loved about them is that underneath all that happens between them there is a true friendship, pure love, its like they have a magnet pulling them together through all of those years. I can feel their love through the pages, their story leaves you with a smile and a full heart.

Carrie was so great giving you wonderful characters to connect to, one of my favourites was Tom, the boy who first had the hot’s for Hanna but over the years was one of her best friends taking care of her when she has no one else. He went from the boy playing with his band in pub to a big rock star, never forgetting the boy he was kind, gentle and sweet.

My other favourite was Ruby, she bloomed through the years, going from a 10-year-old little girl, lost, shy and unique to a grown woman with a career she loved, a man she loves and is confident loving her self for those differences she was teased for when she was young.

This has been the first book I have read of Carries, it was only left me wanting more, with its amazing story and enchanting characters. I Will miss these characters, it made me long to find a love like theirs .It gave me hope that kind of love and attraction they have and never stopped having exists, well I hope it does as it was beautiful, I want my very own Richard.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy this book, please let me know you thoughts on it, which characters were your favourites?

peanut xx (Laura Gilmore)



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