Summer Nights At The Moonlight Hotel By Jane Costello


About the book

Lauren loves the moonlight hotel because it holds memories she treasures of being with her father as a little girl, those happy memories are all she has left since he passed away. Lauren no longer goes there as much until she and her friends Cate and Emily decide to take up a salsa class in the ballroom there.

With their dancing shoes on, meeting new friends, maybe a hot guy or two friendships are tests as-well as their dance moves. You will laugh, cry and fall in love with this story.


My review

when I picked up this book I was hooked from the first chapter, I wizzed through the book right through to the end to see what would happen to the characters I took to my heart. when I turned over the very last page I was saddened that it was over but extremely pleased I read such a wonderful book that I will reread time and again.

It has been the first book I have read of Jane Costello’s, I was overwhelmed by how terrific it was and kicking myself I haven’t bought her books before now, I cant wait to go to the book shop and grab more of her work. The story is unique, I haven’t read one like it before which was refresh. I’m one of those people who 90% of the time I guess the ending, this story took a turns I wasn’t expecting, leaving my jaw on the floor out of shock and surprise.

The story is told in Laurens voice with Cate and Emily having intertwining stories alone side Lauren, making it intriguing and interesting to read, going from one to the other and back again, leaving you wanting more of each of the characters. As a character Lauren is someone you would see yourself being friends with, her life isn’t plain sailing with emotions of love and her dreams being thrown into disarray she has to decide where she belongs. she takes you on a journey full of laughter, friendship and love it is a wonderful journey to be on.

With the ladies having their own stories Cates in particular is a gut wrenching one that affects the times we live into day, with technology and the use of it, I wont spoil it for you it is juicy and will get you to think of how you yourself use technology and the dangers of it.

It was enlightening for Jane to use this subject in her story as many wouldn’t want to confront the issue but it is the affects so many in recent years. We see how it affects Cate nearly breaking her mentally, she goes from a confident, bubbly in love woman to a shadow of her former self. Sheltering herself from prying eyes and those judging her when she is the victim. I just wanted to go into the pages and hug her and lets just say punch a certain person but violence isn’t the answer as they say. I was overwhelmingly proud of her characters strength, and how it brought her and Lauren and Emily together. showing true sisterhood, sticking it to the bad guys.

One of my favourite parts is the Moonlight hotel itself, a rundown, in need of some tender loving care to bring it back to its former glory but with an added updated twist but keeping the charm and history of the building. The man to bring this beautiful building back to life the Moonlight hotel is Joe a stranger who randomly turns up to salsa class he is a strong, broad, handsome man with a smile that ignites your insides the moment he graces you with it.  I enjoyed the relationship of Joe and Laurens have, its a love, hate one, Lauren’s worried Joe will destroy the Moonlight hotels charms and the memories it holds for her, she needn’t of worried.

With their being multiple storylines this brought an abundance of characters some I adored and then there’s those ones you dislike from the moment they come arrive on the page (you’ll know who I mean when you read it). It was the characters and the story that charmed me so much, I fell for them as people, thinking of them as friends and rooting for them to have that happy ever after.

I cant wait to read it again, the true testament of a brilliant book, well done Jane and thank you for writing it, it was a pleasure to read.

Peanut xx













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