Yours Truly By Kirsty Greenwood




About The Book

A month from her wedding Natalie is happy and content in finally having the family she has always wanted, though it’s not all to her taste with her mother and sister Dionne taking over the arrangements. Natalie is not one for confrontation she goes along with it all to keep the peace.

Natalie tells little white lies, she hates hurting others so she says what they want to hear, that changes when Natalie gets hypnotised, the hypnotist gets her to answer truthful to questions asked to her, her deepest, darkest truth’s come to light, they even surprise her.

With weeks to the wedding, comments are said that can’t be taken back, will she get her happy ever after or will she actually enjoy telling the truth no matter the aftermath?


My review


This is an adorably funny, quirky book, it will have you laughing out loud and will teach you that maybe those little white lies you tell others maybe aren’t worth it, you can be a little more truthful in your own answers.

It was the story and characters that made me read the book within a day, absorbed in every page not being able to put it down. The story is insightful and the characters add vibrancy and heart to the story that is so gripping. It teaches you many things along with Natalie.

They say that our parents relationships teach us what we want and don’t want in our own relationships when were adults, this is the case for Nat. she went through years of her parents arguing, turning her into the woman she is today, preferring to lie than causing arguments in any of her relationships even at her own unhappiness.

As a character before Natalie is hypnotised I just want to shake her out of frustration, she was always giving into others instead of standing up for herself, it annoyed me more probably because I saw myself in her. We shared many similarities which made me even more proud of the character she was by the end of the story making me want to stand up for myself more.

I was pleased to see a new refreshing Natalie after she is hypnotised, She is brutally honest to the point where you read through your fingers thinking did you really just say that? her deepest thoughts are also hysterical, they had me belly laughing going red-faced for her out of pure embarrassment. Her truthful answers had her questioning herself realising things about herself that she never realised before was her being nice a lie? was she hiding her real darker nasty self behind the white lies?.

In all honesty Natalie as a character was a lovely person not a bad bone in her body that’s why she was likable, she wanted the best for others. Natalie learnt she can be honest just maybe not be so brutal when telling your fiance he’s terrible in bed he as a character I repel from him, I thought Natalie deserved more. Olly was controlling, anal and self-absorbed and telling her mother she was the worst mother and selfish though true there was a better way to say it.

You learn along with Natalie that people wont fall apart, run away in tears, ok maybe they will but it’s always better to be honest than to bottle up your true feelings even if they cause an argument, arguments aren’t a bad thing.

The story is set in two locations, the hustle and bustle of Manchester, a city I love where Natalie lives and the story begins, leading her to go to the most beautiful quant village of Trooly in Yorkshire where the amazing Brian who started all the sorry mess for Natalie lives. Trooly is one of my favourite parts of the story, it is filled with nosey, extroverts, the village is a character in its self within the story.

Trooly adds an abundance of wacky and sweet characters who want to help Nathalie in her pursuit of finding Brian. From the elderly couple who previously worked in the news world find this juicy story fall in their laps and are riding high like in their hay days. A  rich recluse who has lost the love of his life, a heart-breaker in his day but a sweet kind man. To the hunky pub owner Riley who has had a sad past but who has a story of his own riding side by side to Natalie adding warmth and smiles.

I adored the story because of these characters, you get that heart-warming feeling from a small village but you also get the nosiness of everyone knowing your business but all with great big hearts. I just wanted to jump into the pages and be in this cozy village picture perfect at winter snow falling and twinkly Christmas lights making the village sparkle even brighter.

The story takes you on a world wind journey, we follow Natalie as she finds out who she is and what she wants through her honesty to others and herself. From the first to the last pages she grows, goodbye the quiet people pleaser, hello the confident, knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it Natalie Butterworth, she I like and would be friends with.

If you want to giggle, a book full of interesting characters and an amazingly gripping story, this is the book for you, you will love every single page.

What I have learnt from this book

As a people pleaser my self, someone like Natalie doesn’t like confrontation I have learnt to speak my mind, others may not agree but you only damage your own self and happiness by agree with others. people may not like it but they will appreciate the honesty.

People can’t change how they treat you if you don’t tell them how they treat you is badly, you have to give them the chance to understand take it on board and change if they want to.

Peanut xx





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