The Bucket List To Mend A Broken Heart By Anna Bell







About the book

A story about heartbreak, facing your fears and finding yourself in the most unexpected way. Abi and Joseph have been dating nearly a year, when out of the blue he drops the bombshell that he’s dumping her. After weeks of wallowing in self pity and eating her feelings, she’s wanting the man she loves back. Abi comes up with a crazy plan, to do  Josephs “things to do before I’m 40” list when she finds it in the box he used to give her belongings back,  thinking that’s the way to get him back to show him they aren’t that different.

The list is going to take her out of her comfort zone, as it doesn’t involve the sofa or a box set. Will her outrageous plan get the man she thinks is the love of her life back?


My Review

In the first few chapters I could see where this story was leading and could predict how it was going to end, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the ride the story took me on (pun intended). Though predictable, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these characters and the story.

We all have a mental list of what we want to do but most never get round to doing it just like Joseph who is a dreamer than a doer. For Abi to take on his missions is brave and a little bit stupid for a man but when you think someone is the one you will do anything for them. I enjoyed going along with Abi through the tasks, I felt like I was there with her having her windsurfing class, the waves lapping on my face after falling in the bitterly cold water but she never gave up she got back on that board, the crisp fresh sharp air whilst walking up Snowdon and enjoying the cozy night in the simple building on the mounting and drink tea and eating the most delicious cakes at the Ritz. she opened my eyes and mind up to what I would want on my list, could I be brave like her.

It was the characters that made this book a wonderful read.  Abi is hopelessly in love and heartbroken not knowing what she did wrong, we have all been in her situation eating our way through tub a pon tubs of ice cream and crying through box sets, making her relatable just like she is one of your best mates. she is an enchanting character but a little pathetic with rose-tinted glasses on the man of her dreams.

We see Abi blossom through each of the challenges she faces, concurring her fears and trying new tasks that scare the life out of her, even finding herself enjoying some of them well maybe just the ones that involve eating cake. It may have been a man who made her do the list but she found herself with each tick off the list.

I knew Joseph was a tool the minute Abi says he never introduced her to his family in the year they were dating. He wasn’t the one for Abi and you want to shake her for her to see it, the saying love is blind is so true here, you have to find out for yourself you can’t be told.

It was Abi’s co-worker Giles, his sweet and kind wife Laura and their thrill-seeking  gang of friends who inspire Abi with her list with their fearlessness it pushes Abi, they got behind her helping in any way they could, they where just what she needed to complete the unattainable list.

One of my favourites was the curly-haired, adrenaline junkie that is Ben, Giles best friend. what can I say I fell for him as soon as he entered the story, there is more to this guy than bikes. It was a joy getting know more about him as the story unravelled, he himself has been through heartbreak not just from a relationship, making him change his view on love, the down side he had a girlfriend, Tammy that has two personalities, sweet as pie then the devil.

when you go through heart-break the number one person you need is your best friend, everyone needs one like Sian, she is a ball breaking having been broken-hearted by her fiancé in university, she hasn’t been in a committed relationship since. she had lost her romantic bone in her body and is now a man-eater, the way that Abi picks herself up makes her see love in a different way and she takes a risk with her own love life which was wonderful to see.

It’s a book that you will pick up and not put down,  warming your heart, its  inspirational to see Abi go from a complete mess of a woman to someone who is she strong and  knowing her own mind. she finally realises what she wants out of life. she wants excitement not routine, to try new things and to push herself something she never thought of when she was with Joseph. she was all consumed by him and what he wanted, never thinking of herself. Though it’s not a good idea to follow someone else’s list, it lead her to herself and a new exciting future with someone special someone who loved her for her.

The end of one list lead to one of her own, making her own list of the things for a happily ever after.


Things I learnt from this book

Take your friend’s advice, yes at the time you may not wont to hear it but they love you and are being honest because they care and may see something your to close to see.

Do things that scare you, they will make you find yourself in the process.

Love can heal a broken heart, that from friends and the love of the person who is right for you.


My List

1, Travel: Europe, south Africa, Australia, south America,

2, Learn to dance: I have always loved to dace but never had any lessons so would love to learn ballet and street dance.

3, Learn to swim: I never learnt as a child and think it’s about time, I’m missing out not knowing how to plus that leads on to my next one.

4, Scuba diving: I think the ocean is yes a scary place but also a beautiful magical place and want to be able to explore it.

5, Take photography classes: I have fallen in love with photography over the last couple of years, self tort I want to learn more of the technical side so I can take even better pictures and sell them eventually.

6, Learn a language: I hated learning French in school but now as an adult id love to learn French, Italian or Spanish.

7, See formula one live: I’m a big fan of formula one and would love to go to a weekend, following on from that is the next one on my list.

8, Drive a fast car at Silverstone: what can I say I like speed, though not rollercoaster speed 🙂

9, Move abroad: at some point in my life i would love to move abroad and work, either Canada, or Australia.

10, To have a gallery display of my pictures: a Big  one but I would love to display my pictures in the future, ones that touch people and inspire.


what is on your list?


Peanut xx







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