Free E-book: After Hello By Mhairi Mcfarlane






Author: Mhairi Mcfarlane

Date released: January 2016

Publisher: Harper

Pages: 99


That moment you scroll through amazon looking for book’s to add to your already over flowing library and seeing there is a mini sequel to a book that grabbed you by the heart is on there and its FREE (insert happy book dance).

I couldn’t wait to download After Hello, the sequel to You Had Me At Hello (my review below) it ended with Ben and Rachel walking away hand in hand, finally after 10 years of loving each other officially being a couple. we were left wonder what would happen to them after their happy ever after ending?.

It’s always interesting to know what happens after the happy ending, it made me so pleased to find this sequel as it wasn’t the end for Ben and Rachel in You Had Me At Hello it was only the beginning. for Ben and Rachel 2 years on do have their happy ever after, they also have problems. I like that the book draws on how they got together, both being with different people and how this affects their relationship now.

The story touches on jealously, misunderstanding, dealing with people from their past and insecurities they both have. from the moment they got together they knew it was right, no matter the hiccups they have, they are best friends and completely in love. all happy ever after come with bumps in the road, it’s those that make it their happy ending because they have stuck with each other wanting to hang on tightly to the love they have for one another. those bumps not breaking them but bringing them closer together makes for a happy ever after.

I enjoyed connecting with the other beloved characters from the book, seeing where they are in their lives now. I was over the moon for Caroline in particular, stronger than ever before running her own  life and enjoying every moment.

what I learnt from the book

Always communicate with the one you love, don’t say things out of anger and you may not always be right. look deeper into why you think and feel the way you do instead of your first reaction.

You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi Mcfarlane

After Hello FREE book







after the happy ever after life happens the reality of it,whatyou both want out of your futures, jealousy hurt feelings after both being in long term realtonships having to find their rhythm

expecting calmerfor taking someone elses man but she sdidnt take himhe was hers bestfriends and lovers ester wasn’t taking her place or being the friend racheltodate ben

they new eah other as best friends and as lovers theywere meant tobe together theyfinally found their timeand theywerent going to give upon each other over theyjoint insecurities and silliness she was used toscreaming with rys but she had securityand passion with her ben

feelinglike it allwent to perfectly waiting for some thingand seeing something she newwasnt there and what type of person ben is a trustful guy


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