You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi Mcfarlane







Author: Mhairi McFarlane

Date released: 6th December 2012

Publisher: Avon

About The Book


Ben and Rachel, Rachel and Ben met at Manchester university when Ben was being his helpful self, their eyes met over Rachel’s student ID picture and they became best friends from that day wasn’t until their final days at university that the truth came tumbling out,  they were both in love with each other, sadly and abruptly they went their separate ways meeting 10 years later.

Ones married, ones newly ex-engaged is the spark still there? or can they rebuild the friendship they once had?

My Review

When it comes to reading for me other than the story and the characters being intriguing and gripping it has to be fluid to read, this being my first book of Mharir I found it extremely well written. I was just able to pick it up, turn to the first page and get stuck into the story, it was one of those books that was an easy book to read for hours and wonder where the day had gone.

The story isn’t one that hasn’t been told before, in one form or another, of missed love and wondering what if? hoping to see that person again. there is a reason why it is a timeless story it’s because it’s relatable. I think most of us have found our selves in a situation where we have been too scared to tell someone we have feelings for them. where we take the easier option, the one we find less scary and daunting where our hearts are protected and not likely to get damaged beyond repair.

In the long run we only  hurt ourselves at what could have been and ended up being with someone we shouldn’t be with. that’s why this is such a gorgeous story, you can put yourself in each of their shoes, understanding why they make the decisions they do, though also wanting to shake them through the pages at the silliness and the time they are wasting. love is worth the heart ache, yes it may not work but it just might and the feeling of the possibility of it the “might work” is the most wonderful feeling you will ever experience.

I really enjoyed the flash back aspects to the story, you get to see these two characters at different times in their lives which makes it really interesting to read. it means you get to really know the characters through the ages,  seeing who they were in their wild years of their youth to their adult lives with adult problems, careers, settling down. it gives you a well rounded view of the people they are and explains in detail of how they got to the place they are now, it makes you feel like you have been on their journey with them.

The main characters added something special to the book, Rachel and her friendship group of Ivan, Caroline and Mindy added laughter, a sense of humour, depth with their own storylines intertwining with Rachel and Ben’s. I liked that they were all individuals, 4 strange characters (in the best way possible) making a protective, caring bunch of friends only out for their friends best interests.

With any story you will always get those characters that grate on you and you know are just a nasty piece of work. with those characters came lessons for many of the other characters of trusting too much, depend on your gut instincts, not all are what they seem. these characters spiced up the story and only made the ending even more sweeter, love and good wins out in the end.

The story shows love and relationships in different aspects those who settle, those who go for their equal but maybe not in the most positive of ways, the ones who settled but released their mistake and wont to settle any longer,  finally the love that was right under their nose and were too scared to accept it in more ways than one. love is a strange thing, we are all looking for it, for us individually love means and looks different. no one type of love is right, it just has to be right for you.

I couldn’t recommend this book highly enough, I am so excited that I have a few other of Mhairi’s books on my book shelf, I know I’m just going to fall for like I have with this one.


What I’ve learnt from this story

Don’t wait to express your feelings to the one you love you will waste time or miss it completely always wondering if you will ever get the chance again or what could have been.

We were put on this earth to feel the good things but also the bad at times, hopefully the good out weighting the bad. you may hate the feeling of heartbreak but the feeling of love is so much sweeter and is worth taking the risk for.

Peanut xx




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