Book Review: I Knew You Were Trouble By Paige Toon

Author: Paige Toon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Date released: 2015


This is the second instalment of the life of Jessie Jefferson, we left Jessie going back to the UK after her grandfather got taken sick, her thrilling LA life had ended and she had to say good-bye to her new family, it was time for her to reconnect to her old life to be Jessie Pickerill again.

While in LA Jessie just about got away with her identity staying secret even when one of her La “friends Lisa” told the tabloids. Now they no Jessie exists but they don’t no its Jessie, she is getting away with being the secret daughter to Johnny for now but for how long?

Jessie is trying to figure out who she is and still battling her grief of her mother loss, she tries to get back into her old rhythm with her friends and Tom finally get together and he makes her happy though she still can’t stop thinking of Jack.

I wont give any spoilers but an event happens that makes Jessie realise that Meg was right and she was only protecting her, wanting to keep her a secret from the press. I didn’t see it coming, it is scary, shocking and keeps you turning each page. This leads Jessie having to  return to LA to the safety and security of her family. It’s hard for Jessie to leave her friends Natalie, Libby, step dad Stu and her hunky boyfriend  Tom though she is looking forward to seeing her La friends and Jack of course.

Jessie has gotten a hold of LA this time round, its starting to feel more like home, she even joins the band the hype with Jack and his friends, she is talented like her father, becoming more confident as the time goes by with her singing,and herself and her relationship with Jack grows. Second time round LA has its twists and turns it’s not all plain sailing,  it brings its adventures, love, dilemmas and growth. has Jessie finally become ready to be a Jefferson?

Throughout the book we get to see Know Jessie more and more, she is an exciting and intriguing character likable and complex. going on her journey of grief, life changing events and growing up. It’s beautiful to see the budding relationship between Johnny and Jessie with a helping hand from kind, sweet Meg. they have the death of their mothers at a young age that brings them closer they understand each other and you see them both dealing with their loss.

Peanut xx






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