Book Review: All About The Hype By Paige Toon

Author:Paige Toon

Date released: 2016

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

The second instalment ended with Jessie returning to LA ready to make it her home, on new years eve she spent the night in the arms of the boy she likes band mate Jack wondering what adventures her life will take her on next.

In the final instalment of Jessie Jefferson, Jessie is turning 16 and it’s also the anniversary of her mother’s death, so much has happened in the year that has passed and she is struggling to deal with it but is surrounded by those who love her to get her through her old and new friends coming together.

This has been my favourite instalment of the Jessie Jefferson series, it takes a slightly darker twist to the story. Jessie has a good group of friends in LA with Lottie ( TVSTAR) Agnes ( Jacks sister) who are doing well gigging it all is working out until a familiar face makes a return causing havoc. the dark character Dana is Johnny’s ex she is troubled with a past that has only brought heart ach to Meg. Dana hasn’t forgotten Johnny left her for Meg, though he was always Megs, she uses Jessie to get to her dad and it leaves scares on Jessie, hurting Meg once again.

What happens makes Jessie grow up and realise the mistake she made in trusting someone, she makes an adult decision and it is great to see her doing that, the outcome is bright for her when she returns back to LA at the end of the story. Jessie is now ready to be a Jefferson though she will always be a pickerill, she will always love and remember her mother, now she is ready, for whatever  life has installed for her, she knows it wont be easy or simple but that is how she likes it.

Reading this final instalment of Jessie’s story was sad knowing it was the end though you never know with Paige we might just see Jessie and the gang again in the future. the final story takes you on some highs Jessie coming into her own as a singer, dark times with Dana being back on the scene and some heartfelt moments for Jessie, Johnny and Meg.

Meg, Johnny and Jessie’s  stories have been such amazing reads, they have taken me on many of adventures, through some horrific times, scary, unbelievable and many beautiful moments.its the end of this chapter on their lives, I hope not for good though, there are many more stories to be told from these 3 I can just feel it.

Peanut xx


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