Book Review: The Accidental Life Of Jessie Jefferson By Paige Toon

Author: Paige Toon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Date published: 14th April  2014


Paige Toon has ventured into young adult fiction, she has smashed it with her first book the accidental life of Jessie Jefferson, Jessie is the long-lost daughter of Johnny Jefferson a rock star who has had a shady past but now a family man putting his past behind him until he gets the second surprise of a child he didn’t know existed.

We are taken on a trip of Jessie coming to terms with her mothers loss, then finding out her biological father is a rock star famous around the world. Jessie has the reckless streak her fathers has to match his piercing green eyes, we soon come to realise that Jessie isn’t this rebellious girl (completely). Yes she likes a party and the odd drink what teenager doesn’t, yet you realise as you get to know her she just wants love and a family and is angry with her mum and at herself.

It is fun, exciting  to seeing LA through young eyes, Jessie reminds me of Meg and her wide eyes when walking into Johnny’s home for the first time all those years ago. We get to meet a lot of new characters following Jessie story, her normal friends, the young, rich and famous  Los Angeles has to offer some loveable new characters, some that you know is going to be trouble and the heart-throb of a young soon to be rock star who has his eye on Jessie.

Jessie is trapped between two worlds her normal life with her friends and love interest in the shape of Tom hottest boy in school and her new crazy world of a new family, getting to know her father and being surrounded by cool, famous kids who have other agendas not all in the best interest of Jessie.

As I read this book I became protective of Jessie, Meg got the wrong impressions of her at the begin, in time realised that she wasn’t wanting to be a mini Johnny she was glad Jessie came into their family even with the world wind it has and will cause.

Jessie wants to the world to know she is Johnny daughter, Meg knowing that Jessie’s world will change the bodyguards, the stories, the paps harassing this new girl in their family as any teenager Jessie thinks she knows everything but doesn’t. she doesn’t realise Meg is protecting her, she knows what it is like her life has changed since she married Johnny their children have grown up with it but Jessie would have to leave her old life behind and is she really ready for that?

Myself not being in the age range targeted for this story sadly no longer being a young adult, the way Paige Toon writes makes it relatable and interesting story to read we have all lost someone, loved, been scared and wanted to feel we are part of a family. Know matter your age you will truly enjoy reading these 3 part book series when you think Jessie’s story has come to an end you go on another rollercoaster of a ride you just wont want to get off of this is only just the start.

Peanut xx





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