Johnny Tells Meg Review By Paige Toon

I adore page for giving us extra tip bits of the stories I love, through short stories on her hidden pages website for free.  This story for the first time gives you the perspective from Johnny’s point of view, him finding out he has a long-lost daughter and how he breaks it to the love of his life Meg. This has been a situation Meg has dreaded ever since she met Johnny, his past coming back to bite them and turning their perfect family unit on their heads.

Through their story we have always known how lost Johnny would be without Meg, she is heart and soul but to hear it from his words how much he loves her is so touching. He knows he has put her through a lot and he doesn’t want to break his promise he made to her when he proposed to never hurt her again. He knows he will with the information he has been given, he just hopes she will forgive him and they can get through it like they have gotten through everything else life has thrown at them.

I feel sorry for Johnny, he has come so far swapping drink and drug fuel nights with bottles and nappy changing he is the family man he always wanted to be,  a great husband to Meg, he’s devastated by the news that once again he didn’t know about a child he had, a baby girl he missed out on knowing and now having to break the heart of his true love.

It’s the first time we get inside his head, seeing how his mind works and though it so could have easily turned him back to his old life, taking the easy way out he doesn’t and its a testament to how far he has come in such a short time.

This revelation brings you to a new characters, new adventures and as it always in Meg and Johnny’s world a world wind of problems but together they can face any thing.

Go sign up for hidden pages, it is so wonderful that Paige gives back to her readers in this way.

Peanut xx



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