Book Review: Johnny’s Girl By Paige Toon

This short e-book opens the door for a whole new story and adventure for this couple who have never had it easy. Meg and Johnny’s relationship hasn’t been plain sailing, that is a huge understatement, what they have been through in 3 years  most couples wouldn’t Indore in a life time, they got through it and are stronger than ever.

My heart was filled with happiness for these characters at the end of Baby Be Mine, finally it all came together for them and they are married and blissfully happy. One look at Johnny and Meg was pregnant again, not having to wonder, fear, worry  who the father was, being able to enjoy the pregnancy together.

A year and half later they are now a family of 4 with the new addition of Phoenix their new son who is the copy of meg with his blonde hair and brown eyes, they are living in the idyllic village of Henley. Meg has her anonymity far cry away from the glamorous life of LA she hasn’t returned since the events that occurred 3 years ago. Johnny has been going back by himself for work but now he has commitments there and he doesn’t want to be separate from his family, he misses his life there not the drugs and drink but the sun shinning on his face, riding his motor bike on the highway, he wasnt meant to for small town living.

Its time meg return to the place that is tainted for her, it is no long the city of Angeles glamorous and vibrant it is the place that broke her, now its time she returned to the house she once adored and was in ore of to wash away the bad memories and replace them with happy memories of their beautiful family a far cry away from how her life was when she last left it behind.

I was excited and nervous for Meg it was  a big step for her to return though not all bad she reconnected with her friend kitty, even bumps into Joseph strike, though an unwelcome visitor does make an appearance, all in all I’m glad Meg has been able to adopt back to her life in LA .Feeling more at ease now she is there with her beautiful family a far cry away from her last appearance there. Life in LA wouldn’t be normal if it went completely smooth , now sober and a family man Johnny gets news that rocks his and Megs world, their life is never simple or uneventful but can they deal with the new person that is about to enter their lives, Megs nightmare come to life?.

Peanut xx





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