Book Review: Baby Be Mine By Paige Toon

Author: Paige Toon

Release date: 6th June 2013

Publisher: Simon and Schuster UK

This is the second instalment of Johnny and Meg, if you thought the first book was eventful it only scrapped the surface. This book takes Johnny, Meg and Christian on a new journey, one that brings in new characters with their own toxic elements and some familiar faces that brought a smile to my face to see them again in a new context.

Baby Be Mine fast forwards a year and 9 months later, Barney Megs son is in the world celebrating his first  birthday and a few months ago, it became clear who his father was there was no denying it, with his blonde hair and striking piecing green eyes he was the spitting imagine of his father Johnny.

When the bombshell of the secret comes out if send all the characters in a spin, it comes out at the most difficult time for Christian he lost his friend now is girlfriend and his son poor  good guy Christian doesn’t have so much luck, it all works out for him in the end which made me so happy the good guy does win in the just in a different way.

Once the daddy is revealed Meg goes back to LA, Johnny wants to be a dad to Barney it took Meg by surprise though I wasn’t surprised I think he would have always stepped up to his responsibilities, I understand why Meg never told Johnny, she wanted a stable father for her child and she didn’t think Johnny could give her son that and he proved her right for some time. Johnny went on a down hill spiral after Meg rejected him, turning back to his demans, this time he has a new girlfriend along for the ride Dana Reed a sick, twisted, demented woman who is full of darkness and his dragging a willing Johnny with her.

We see a different Meg in Baby Be Mine she has grown as a woman, she is more self-assured and she knows Johnny will always be in her life because of Barney that relaxes her. unlike the first time in LA she was always walking on eggshells never knowing where she stood now she knows her place and Johnny sees the difference in her. its nice to see an even stronger Meg in this story she has to be with what Jonny puts her through next.

As a running theme for Johnny though he has his son and the woman he loves in the same house as him he lets himself, Meg and his son down, in a horrendous and dangerous way, turning back to his old ways this time Meg is taking non of it i was screaming to myself yes go Meg! standing up for herself and her child, she is a mother and her son comes first. its heart breaking to see Johnny screw things up time again, he could have everything he ever wished for but no he always finds a way to ruin things this time endangering his son.

That part of the book made me feel sicker than what happened on the tour in the last book, it made me angry and frustrated that Johnny could sink so low do what you want to your life but don’t put your child or meg in that situation. Paige wrote this book perfectly, with the character of Johnny, she knew once he found out he was a dad he would change in the short-term but wasnt ready to be a father, a hands on one, he was still going to mess up and she leaves you wondering is he ever going to sort himself out for good.

In this book we get new characters mixed with some old, thankfully Meg had her best friend Bess with her through this book,.it was lovely to get to know her, we only touched on her character in the last book. this time round we see their friendship blossom from where it was the last time she was in LA.  Meg would have been lost without her to confide in and help her with the horrid Dana. Meg finally got to have her friend experience what LA was like with her, with her last experience she wasnt allowed to disclose her life due to her contract which caused a rift in their relationship. now Bess gets to see it first hand what Johnny is really like and how is wasnt all tinsel and parties the last time she was in LA also sees how Meg  is drawn to Johnny they have an unwavering closeness and love. she, kitty and Meg hit the town and meet Joseph Strike from the longest holiday, he and Meg have a romance that brings a little heat and sizzle to the story,  which makes Johnny jealous which is just an added bonus.

My favourite part of this book is Meg and Johnny going back to the cottage she once took him too to rid him of his addictions. they returned as a family, the surprising events that had happened since the last time they were there, you got to see johnny in a light of a father for the first time and that he could be a great father, it was fleeting sadly for a while. he was so different when you take him away from the spot light, he is just normal Johnny the guy who came from Newcastle not this rock star that leaves girls screaming for him at his concerts. it’s the first time you get a glimpse at what their family life could be like it gives you hope.

Theres has always been a connection between Meg and Johnny there’s no denying it Meg was the girl who got away and his new lovely PA Lena knows it and does something sweet but completely stupid to get them together, completely back firing but her heart was in the right place. It leaves Megs fears come to life, the world knowing about Barney, this could put his life in danger and that scares Meg. she has never gotten used to the attention Johnny brings and she doesn’t want her or Barney’s life to change because of it, which it inevitably will, how can it not when your dads the most famous rock star.

Meg is a lot lighter by the end of this book,though she can never forgive herself for the hurt she caused Christian or the time Barney missed out on with his real father she is content with her life and how it all turned out in the end. there is a sweet ending one I never expected and im not going to lie i shed a tear or two, finishing the book with a grin on my face and wanting to know what was going to happen next. was the rollercoaster of events about to stop for Meg and Johnny? would they get their happy ever after or was it only a matter of time before they were sent on another world wind experience but for now I was just enjoying their happy moment because who knows how long it will last.

Until next time

Peanut xx


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