Book Review: Who Do You love By Jennifer Weiner







Author: Jennifer Weiner

Date released: 27 August 2015

Publisher: Simon and Schuster uk

My rating:4 out of 5

About the book


A story about love and destiny, that one true love, one soul mate that is out there for you. who knew you could meet the person you were meant to be with at 8 years old in a hospitals a+e ward, Rachel and Andy didn’t that’s for sure, love finds you in the most unexpected places.

Rachel Blum had been born with a heart defect, Andy Landis had broken his arm and one night their lives collided in a hospital waiting area, it was a night of sadness, storytelling and your future love.

My review

I love a love story that takes you on a journey that isn’t simple, doesn’t sweep you off your feet like a fairy tale but a love story that is real, doesn’t go smoothly because love isn’t simple, it’s not easy, some times it take a few times to get it right.

The story of Rachel and Andy is bitter-sweet one, the story tells their love story over nearly a 20 year time period. life brings them together also tears them apart, leaving you to wonder are they soul mates? are they each others destiny? will they be drawn together once and for all like magnets and stay together?

I connected to each of the characters liking and disliking them at different times throughout their lives, wondering why they made certain decisions, why didn’t they fight and what an arse you are at one point.

what I enjoyed most about this book was that you get to see them as individual people, their lives going through highs and terrible lows, marriages, children, victories and finding peace within themselves and with the lives they are living. the trials and tribulations made it an interesting and addictive story, each turn of the page wanting to know did they find each other again, just wanting to get to the end and hoping for a happy ending they both deserved.

Being born with a heart defect Rachel was in and out of hospital, her childhood innocents was taken away when her friend passed away never telling anyone of that pain it caused. she was always the sick child, didn’t have a good group of friends as her mother wrapped her in cotton wool, too scared even when she was fixed she would break she couldn’t risk that.

She went through parts of her life wanting to fit in and be the normal girl, some times turning into a person she didn’t like and didn’t want to be. it made her realise who she was and the passion she had for helping others. sending her on a path for a career in social working, helping families like Andy’s, she has the biggest and kindest heart.

Andy didn’t have the best childhood, being mixed race he felt he never fitted into either ethnic group, leaving him lonely and angry. that anger got him into trouble, his mother who wasn’t the best parent but as a single mother tried to do her best and turned Andy’s love of running into his way of getting his anger out, this made him realise the future he wanted to be in the Olympics dedicating his life to it achieving that goal, at the jeopardy of his relationships.

Childhood shapes us to the people we are, the experiences we have, We make decisions of those experiences for the good or the bad but having to at some point stop blaming those times for the mistakes we are taking today and own them and change the direction we are going in. through their experience as children through to adulthood they both grow as people to be really nice human beings, leading contented lives, strong from what they had been through.

This was such an enjoyable story to read, a beautiful love story told over decades to a wonderful simple happy ending.

Peanut xx





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