A Part Of Me By Anouska Knight

Author: Anouska Knight

Date realised: 2014

Publisher: Mills and Boon

Pages: 444

About the book

After years of waiting for a child after the tragic loss of their own child Amy Alwood and her partner of 8 years James Coffrey get the best news they could ever hope for, they were accepted to be adoptive parents. then the story takes a twist, leaving Amy with a dilemma forgive and have the future she has always dreamt of or go it alone in a world that is unknown a hard chose for someone who likes to control every situation.


My review

I had a high standard set for this book the second novel of Anouska’s I have read the previous review link below, it was a wonderful book the story was gripping, a complete page turner.

The main character in this book Amy was the thing that drew me to keep reading, she has gone through the most devastating experience of losing a child, having this need to be a mother, it was written in her stars she was put on the earth to give love and a happy home to a child being hers or another child that had lost a parent.

If losing a child wasn’t bad enough she had more heartache at the down turn of her relationship having to decide if she wants to fight for her dream to have a family, it’s at the tips of her fingers, in touching reach, she can see her dreams coming true but can she go through with it knowing that the is cracks in her relationship would it make a happy home for a child to be brought in to, she makes the ultimate sacrifice the one a mother would truly make.

Since the loss of her child Amy has had a need to control the world around her, feeling if its controlled nothing bad can happen but that’s not the way the world works and its sad to see Amy live this way that is untill she meets her new client at the firm she works at.

Rohan is an out of control guy, an ex bmx rider who isn’t in one place for too long, he has experienced a lot in life being abandoned by his mother as a child this has left scares on him.it  makes you understand why he lives the way he does, like Amy doesn’t mean it’s a happy or fulfilling way to live. he has a secret of his own I liked this added twist I wasn’t expecting it and it took the story in a knew direction. I really loved reading life from his point of view he was a complex character fun, spontaneous, loving but vulnerable and hiding at the same time, it was lovely to see his character flourish to be the man we new he was and could be.

The two couldn’t be any different, it Rohan enjoys pushing Amy’s buttons, he likes to make her feel out of control, it entertains him,  it really annoys Amy which is funny to read. They help each other to see the world in a different way, they both over come the pains of their pasts opening each of their eyes to a happier way of living that neither could have done before.

Throughout the book there is love and loss, you feel the raw emotions and fears of each of the characters not just Amy and Rohan but that of Amy’s mother having the love of her life walk out on her and how she never getting over it. Phil who has her view of the type of person she can love be changed and he be the total opposite. with sadness there is also many funny moments and those that will touch your heart

It made my heart happy to see Amy broken and vulnerable not knowing the person she was anymore, turn into a strong woman she already was she just couldn’t see it now she could and she got her dream without a man she got it for herself she just happened to get the man too making an unlikely family.

It always makes me sad when a book I enjoy ends I hope Anouska touches on their story again as she did slightly give us a glimpse of what happen to the characters in her previous book since you’ve been gone. these books are two that i will go back time and time again to re read.

Since You’ve Been Gone By Anouska Knight

 What I learnt from the book

Through life we will love, we will feel loss and these things change us some times for the better some times not, you can’t stop this from happening but you shouldn’t stop you from living don’t let the past scare you from having the future you want.

Peanut xx





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