Since You’ve Been Gone By Anouska Knight

Author: Anouska Knight

Publisher: Mills And Boon

Release date: July 16th 2013

About the book

Holly Jefferson’s life is broken after the death of her beloved husband Charlie, two years on and Holly has thrown herself into her business and her passion cakes. Making cakes leads her to an unexpected person, someone who changes her world and how she sees the future, can she let someone else into her heart?


My review

Anouska Knight is an author who entered the Lorraine Kelly book competition, she won and this is her first  book.

Being Anouska’s first book I didn’t know what to expect, I was completely in ore of the story she has created. The book is a beautiful story of two people who have loved and lost in different ways. They both have dark shadows hanging over their hearts from what they have experienced. The story takes us on the journey of being able to see beyond the sadness and hurt to a sweet, touching and a beautiful future full of love.

The character of Holly, is holding onto her past life, her love for her husband, Holly’s world stopped the day she lost Charlie unexpectedly in a car accident. The love they shared you can feel through the pages, in the wonderful way she remembers him throughout the book reminiscing of their life together. We never got to know Charlie but you get to know the man he was through her eyes a kind, loving man who wanted to change the world a man who has left a broken-hearted Holly behind.

Throughout the story Holly is wrestling with her feelings for her late husband and a new unexpected feelings she was getting for Ciaran. As the saying goes love finds you when you least expect it, for Holly she wasnt looking for love but it found her. whilst delivering a cake to a party which is an extremely funny, though sad this book  is it has humour shedding light on the darkness of the story. feeling guilty of falling for someone else Holly keeps tripping herself up at every hurdle, she sometimes has preconceived opinions of Ciaran every time he crushed those views and shows the true person he is and Holly just can’t hold her feels back any longer.

Ciaran Argyll is a handsome Scottish guy who just happens to be rich, he is more than money, he is gentle, strong, vulnerable he is also carrying the weight of his past that has shattered his heart. we sometimes don’t see men as being vulnerable, that their hearts are fragile. for Ciaran’s to be broken twice by the death of his mother and the person he loved betraying him, making him feel worthless that all he had to offer was his money, it was refreshing to see a shattered heart through a mans eyes. this only made me adore his character more, though broken he was still able to love and be loved, though scared of getting hurt he took the chance as he knew he could make Holly happy.

What I loved about the character Ciaran is that he never wanted Holly to stop loving Charlie, he wanted to include him in their lives, from his own experience of loss it takes an extraordinary person to do that. it made me take his character to my heart even more, Holly was so lucky she did the unexpected and found two loves of her life, both amazing men.

This story showed how the loss of someone you love, be it a partner, a mother,  a girlfriend it taints your heart, making us have to rebuild it to be able to love again.there was so much loss in this book, that effects each character, one that i found the most saddest and pulled my heartstrings was that of Ciaran’s father. he lost his wife as well as Ciaran losing his mother, he never found love again no love could compete so settled for gold diggers as that was enough for him he had found love and she was the only one for him, though there’s a sweet little ending for him that made me smile.

It was love that mended their broken hearts and it was the most beautiful ending no spoilers just have your tissues at hand.

What I learnt from the book

The heart is an amazing thing, it can be broken into a million piece but it heals, slowly, though leaving a scare it heals through love so don’t close yourself off from it.

I hope you enjoy this book I certainly did, now on to Anouska’s second book a part of me review coming.

Peanut xx




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