When You Walked Back Into My Life ByHilary Boyd

Author: Hilary Boyd

Title of the book: When you walked back into my life

Release date: 2013

Publisher:Quercus Publishing



About the book

Flora and Fin’s love was passionate, spontaneous and addictive. Fin was a guy who loved nothing more than climbing a mounting, searching for the next adrenaline rush. Flora  wanted to settle down they had been dating for 8 years then one day he never came home, leaving Flora to wonder what happened? Fin walks back into her life 3 years later, can flora forgive him? will she get the answers she’s always needed? can their love work a seconded time around?

My review

For my first book by Hilary Boyd it was an interest book to read, the characters are at a different stage in their life to me, it gave me an insight into how someone in the position Flora is in feels. Flora is 38 she’s addicted to the love she has for  Fin, he loves nothing more than climbing, he is selfish, doesn’t want commitment so it doesn’t bodwell for flora and her wanting a family. the idea of having a baby makes Fin run a mile or in his case thousands of flyer miles, to the next mountain he can conquer.

In the first year Flora had a breakdown, her life fell apart, she quit her nursing job in the A+E, no longer  able to pay her bills or function as a human being, she moved in with her sister Prue. she had a new start in London where she later becomes a home care nurse for a lovely woman called Dorothea. Fin had broken her heart but she never stopped loving him and thinking of the life they led up to the point where he left.

After their shock meeting their relationship changes the seconded time around, no longer able to climb for the time being due to an accident Fin is depressed, angry and his mood is ever-changing. through time and some horrible events happening of betrayal she sees they want different things it opens her eyes to reality for the first time, making her ask herself what  she really wanted and was that a life with Fin?.

Fin made me so angry he was manipulative, used Flora I think he may have loved her in his own was but his heart didn’t belong to her it belonged to the mountains.though I wish they hadn’t of gotten back together I think Flora needed to, she wouldn’t have been able to move on otherwise. their relationship seconded  time around  made her see him for who and what he is and  what their relationship really was before and now, i was so happy she finally did,i was silently yelling at the pages wanting her to leave him.

The aspect I loved and admired about this book is the relationship between Dorothea and Flora, the care and kindness they had for each other was heart warming. the topic of elderly abuse was a great top I to bring into the story, to make people aware of what can happen when someone is vulnerable and those taking advantage of that by careers and family.

The character I disbiased was flora’s sister Prue, what a piece of work, the way she hurt Flora and just didn’t seem to understand why she was upset instead, blaming Flora it was baffling and really sad it made me feel sorry for her to see life that way.

From the beginning of the book to around a third way in I felt Flora was a push over, she was a weak person, she had taken the man who left her back and though she was holding back a little i just wanted to shake her and see the relationship for what it was. it was convenient for Fin years ago he had a place to stay in-between adventures, he had sex on a plate and Flora who would do anything for him she was so utterly smitten.  years later she hadn’t changed they had the same problems Flora wanted a child Fin didn’t but pretended he did so when she becomes pregnant their already struggling relationship showed the cracks even more. getting pregnant made Flora a stronger person, she had more than herself to think about.

I was proud of Flora by the end her rose-tinted glasses were off, she was now a strong independent woman with a man who adored her and she had what she always wanted a child. it was such a sweet ending making smile from within.

Peanut xx








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