Mini Sequel To Chasing Daisy By Paige Toon

One of my favourite things about Paige Toon is that she is an author that gives to her readers. she created a website that is totally free called hidden pages links below where she gives us mini stories of the beloved characters we have taken tour hearts. giving us a little snippet of what they have been up to, it’s like checking up on an old friend seeing where life has taken them. we never really say good bye to the characters Paige has created that’s what I love most, their stories never end, we never know when or where we will see them again.

After reading chasing Daisy and falling completely in love with the story and the characters, it left me wanting more. so when I checked and there it was a mini story of what happened next to Daisy and the man she loves Luis, I was so giddy with happiness I had to click on the link to see where life had taken them.

We left Chasing Daisy 6 months after Wills death where Daisy had finally realised she was in love with Luis, he was her guy, and they had moved in together. the mini story skips a head to 3 years after Wills death, Daisy’s nonna has passed away and she and Luis are spending New Years together in her nonnas old house her favourite place in the Italian hills.

Luis had a big question for Daisy Which she says yes, I had warm heart reading that but Daisy cant help think of Will, the guy she once thought she was in love with, he was her dream guy, the guy she was planning a future with until he got taken from her. she cant plan her wedding knowing she’s still holding on to the past.

Its hard for Daisy, she doesn’t want to hurt the man she loves, Luis was in love with her when she was grieving over another man, his team mate, his rival, his friend. they both need to lay their past to rest, so go to Wills grave. Daisy never got the chance to say goodbye to Will, only Luis and her friend Holly new they had fallen for each other, Will had a childhood sweetheart Laura  but had broken up with her, to the outside would she didn’t exist but she existed to Will.

Looking down at Wills grave, thinking of the time they had together, she doesn’t no if she loved Will, she new she was infatuated with him but just when they decided to be together he was taken away from her. she will never no what could of happened with Will they never got to really know each other. what she does no is that she that she has never loved anyone as much as she loves Luis, she has fallen in love with him more ever day they have been together. they both sob in each others arms, saying goodbye to Will, to their past, so they can get married and create happy future together.

It is a sweet mini story, finishing Chasing Daisy there wasn’t the closure I think Daisy needed, she needed to say goodbye to Will and what could have been. finally she got to say goodbye to the man that held part of her heart now able to move on from the past with the man that owns her heart completely, the man she is going to spend the rest of her life with.

I cant wait to hear from these characters again at some point, see where life has taken them.

Peanut xx

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