My Top 6 Books From 2016 So Far

6 books

Are we truly already half way through 2016? where has the time gone? I know with my head in a book either fiction or text books. As we have made it to half way through the year already I thought I would do a 6 month round up of the 6 books that have stolen my heart, captured my imagination, had me in fits of laughter and crying my little heart out. I had read quite a few books so far, I have not been disappointed as far so it has been hard to whittle it down to only 6 books.

I’ve had my eyes opened to an array of new authors this year, whilst continuing to love my faithful authors I have adored with their new or books of theirs I hadn’t previously read.

These choice are in no particular order

1, Our Song by Dani Atkin

oursongAuthor: Dani Atkins

Released: 29th January 2016

I have previously read two great books by Dani, those being Fractured and The Story Of Us which will always be a firm favourite of mine all reviews of previously read books on my blog under book reviews.

Our Song is a beautiful book that will stay with you for a long time after reading it, Ally and David were from two different backgrounds, Ally saw their differences and how it will impact their future were as David just felt the love he had for Ally that was until Charlotte came into the picture. Life took Ally and David in different directions meeting again 10 years later on one fateful night. This book took me in directions I didn’t see it taking me on with many shocking twists, gut wrenching endings and hopeful beginnings this story was a touching story of bravery, strength and love.

Book Review: Our Song By Dani Atkins

2, The First Last Kiss by Ali Harris

first last kissAuthor: Ali Harris

Released: 17th January 2013

This was the first book of Ali’s I have read and wow did it blow me away, months later this story and the characters still touch my heart with the truthful, gritty,  portral of an illness, the complexity of a relationships ups and downs but full of heart and a love taken too soon.

Ryan and Molly were childhood sweethearts, Ryan was the cool kid and Molly  was quirky but secretly wanting to be liked. They were drawn together for years and finally after a holiday were they “just happen” to meet again they finally get together. Their relationship goes through many ups and downs. Molly wonders did they get together too young, as she planned on having a career, going travelling then settling down she didn’t imagine meeting “the one” so young. Just when they have found their happy ever after they get devasting news. This story broke my heart, it ripped it out of my chest and left a devastated whole what happened isn’t meant to happen, it happens to other people not someone so young.

Their love got torn apart just when they had their future ahead of them, this story was so real raw, the storyline used a topic that many authors wouldn’t use, it was portrayed in such a dignified, honest way you got an understanding of what someone in that position and those around them go through. it is such a beautifully sad story with a light of it doesn’t matter how long you live but its what you do with the time you have, the people you love, the hearts you touch and doing the things your most passionate what more can a person ask for out of their life.

Book Review: The First Last Kiss By Ali Harris

3, Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher

AWLAuthor: Giovanna Fletcher

Released: 2nd June 2016

Having read several of Gi’s books I was not disappointed with the follow up to Billy And Me, Christmas with Billy And Me, the story continued straight after Christmas With Billy And Me left off, Billy and Sophie going to La to meet his family will they like her? will Billy be drawn back to his old LA life?.

In this story Sophie is trying to find herself away from Billy, she doesn’t want to follow him around LA where he has a new found passion for acting. she takes the time they have apart to find out what she wants out of her life and if she can deal with everything that involves Billy’s life. it was a lovely story about a long distance relationship and the problems that they can involve. there are several events that happen making you think could their relationship work hoping it can because Billy and Sophie are such an adorable couple there are some sweet melt your heart scenes you just wont want to put it down once you start it, it left me with a warm heart and a huge smile on my face.

My love for Billy only grew and made be so proud of Sophie and the woman she had become.

Always With Love By Giovanna Fletcher

4, Chasing Daisy by Paige Toon

chasing daisyAuthor: Paige Toon

Released: 6th June 2013

Paige Toon is my all time favourite author, this was her second release that I  have only just read as I have read them out of order, I always have to be different haha

The story follows the life of Daisy who is the front of house girl to a formula 1 team where she meets her dream guy Will. he is taken, he is with his childhood sweetheart and Daisy never expected to get him, she thought it would only ever  be love from afar and one sided then she gets the guy and the story takes a dramatic turn. the twist left me open mouth, shedding many tears not seeing it coming.

The story is set in an electricly charged, exciting, ,high energy setting of the race track leaving you on the edge of your seat, you get to travel the world with each new place there’s and new gripping situation with new twists and turns. The characters and story show life is complicated, love is not always straight forward and humans make mistakes.

It is a wonderful read.

Book Review: Chasing Daisy By Paige Toon


5, The Years Of Loving You by Ella harper


Author: Ella Harper

Released: 19th November 2015

This story is about Ed and Molly, they meet as teenagers and fall in love under the stars. Ed stops himself being with Molly he thinks he need to experience life before being with her that decision takes them on a rollercoaster of events through out their lives. Ed is keeping secrets that have a big impact of both their lives. their lives take them in different directions, they both go through a lot of ups and downs. they have this unbelieveable connection which keeps drawing them back together, they need to be in each others lives but events take place were they spend time apart, no matter the distance they are always there for each other its this love that brings them together when Molly gets devastating news.

Another author that takes on a topic that needs to be discussed, it was interested and informative to see from different points of view, I’m glad Ella broached the subject with raw feelings, the honest future that Molly might have to deal with it wasn’t diluted to make it a beautiful illness it was honest and that made it beautiful.

Book Review: The Years Of Loving You By Ella Harper

6, The one we fell in love with by Paige Toon

THEONEAuthor: Paige Toon

Released: 19th May 2016

Yes this is the second book of Paige’s that I’m recommending and that’s because it is truly amazing. this the lastest of Paiges books has to be a complete game changer for Paige, like I’ve said I adore Paige’s books but this story took her to a new level. it was gripping, shocked me to the core and made me smile with pride and happiness for the characters.

The story is about identical triplets, Rose, Phoebe and Eliza  though identical they couldn’t be any more different, the only thing they have in common is the love they all have for Angus but only on can marry him.

Though out the story you get to see how different the sisters are, their personalities, their career choices you get to see what makes them the people they are. You get to live three separate lives through the sisters, each story drawing you in a needed to know more. this is a beautiful story of the complexity of sibling relationship which is heightened due to them being triplets and wanting their own identity.

There is a twist you wouldn’t be expecting it took me completely off guard and the whole story took a new turn. there was many tears shed but by the end I was smiling though with a heavy heart. it was so lovely to see some old beloved characters make an appearance.

Book Review:The One We Fell In Love With by paige toon


What have been your favourite books from this year so far?

Peanut xx






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