Book Review: Chasing Daisy By Paige Toon

chasing daisy

Author: Paige Toon

Release date: 6th July 2009

About the book

Daisy Rogers is a girl who has stepped away from her past and has entered the world of formula 1, she’s the front of house girl who falls in love with Will Trust a racing driver when he comes to her rescue, though like all love stories there’s a twist he’s taken by his childhood sweetheart. Can Daisy get the man of her dreams?.


My  review

Chasing Daisy is a book you cant predict, you think the story is going in one direction and it swerves taking you in a completely different direction, keeping you on the edge of your seat, needing to reading more to find out the final destination.

I adored the story of this book, of love you think that cant be had, then when you finally get it never expecting you would and losing it in a split second. Daisy has had a rocky love history, one she had to run away to the UK to get away from and her family that lets say aren’t the warmest of families. she never expected to get the man of her dreams Will, he was taken, though it didn’t stop her imagining being with him, the more time she spent with him though short of time it was she fell for him even more. their love was real, they cared for each other, it was unexpected but they  connected and were making plans for their future just when Daisy got her man the story takes a different turn.

There are two love stories here one of Daisy and her dream man Will and of Luis and Daisy they fight like cat and dog, from the moment they met, they have this passion for arguing with each other Daisy’s Italian side comes out she’s fisty, both strong willed, they get on each other nerves, yet through the story you see through the name calling,  you see the love Luis has for Daisy and that  love cost her the man of her dreams Will.

The story captured my imagination, I had never watched formula 1 before, reading this it made me feel like I was there on the track, hearing the roars of the engines, the electricity and anticipation on race day from those in the pits and the drives wanting to get pole position. I was rooting for them as the made their way around the track wanting them to win switching between Will and Luis, it made me see the sport in a different way, made me actually want to watch a race haha. the buzz you feel reading it making you feel like your in every city they are traveling to Brazil, Singapor, Italy, you see the places that are being describe in front of you, wanting to be there for real. how Paige writes takes you in to the story you are seeing the things that are being described to you,  feeling the emotions of the characters living life through their eyes and their hearts feeling their emotions every step of the way.

Its always the characters that make me read Paige Toon’s books, they are complex, flawed they are human.  normally you wouldn’t condone or approve of someone loving another woman’s man but just like life its just not that straight forward. you cant control how you feel, who you fall in love with. life is complicated, humans are complicated we make mistakes we fall for people we shouldn’t, this draws you in to the characters lives.

The character of Daisy is fisty, strong headed but vulnerable  in some ways, shes only ever wanted love and happiness not getting that from her childhood, shes finally found a place and people that make her happy until her heart is broken. Daisy feel for Will at first sight, she never got to see what could have been that was the saddest part. the way Paige wrote those scenes had me crying my heart out I felt Daisy’s heart break, her tears vibrating though the pages, the feelings of never being able to yell ” I LOST HIM TOO” “I LOVED HIM”  the down side of being with another womans man, her grief wasn’t regonised she had to go it alone never really getting to say a good bye to him properly.

She has to find the strength to find herself again figure out what she wants and she realises that though she loved Will they never had the time to see what would happen with them, though the short time they were in each other lives she loved him it was real but started to feel surreal months after his death. she had to allow herself to love again it was a slow burn but we as the reader could see her feelings for Luis way before she realised it. She had absolute trust for him opening up about her past trusting he wouldn’t tell anyone, he was able to make her laugh, they learnt many swear words in many languages and they had the ability to make fun of each other.

Through this story though I wanted Daisy to be with Luis, I felt so sad for Will he didn’t have the best childhoods and he never got to see where the love he had for Daisy could have gone the what ifs? this story took me on a rollercoaster of emotions on highs travelling through the most beautiful places and heart breaking lows of love being lost.

What I learnt from the book

Life can end in a second, make the most of it.

You cant help who you love

Money doesn’t make someone happy people d so find the people and passions do find what makes you want to get up out of bed in the mornings and find the people that make you happy.

This is a wonderful read, I wish it didn’t end .

Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think if you have read it or if you read it.


Peanut xx

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