Book Review: Chasing Daisy By Paige Toon

chasing daisy

Author: Paige Toon

Release date: 6th July 2009

About the book

Daisy Rogers is a girl who has stepped away from her past and has entered the world of formula 1. she’s the front of house girl who falls in love with Will Trust a racing driver when he comes to her rescue, though like all love stories there’s a twist he’s taken he’s with his childhood sweetheart. Can Daisy get the man of her dreams?.


My  review

Chasing Daisy is a book you can’t predict, you think the story is going in one direction and it swerves taking you in a completely different direction, keeping you on the edge of your seat, needing to reading more to find out the final destination.

I adored this story, it is one of love that you think can’t be had, to be finally allowed it and before you can enjoy your dream coming true losing it in a split second.

The character of Daisy is strong-headed but vulnerable,  in some ways, she’s only ever wanted love and happiness not getting that from her childhood, she’s finally found a place and people who make her happy until her heart is broken.

There are many sweet and tender moments with Daisy and Will, you can see them being an adorable couple, if only they got the chance. I found Will to be A sweet character, though he loved two woman I wouldn’t say he was a womanizer, he was kind and he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

But then there is Louis, he’s the curve ball in the story a very handsome one. He and Daisy fight non stop, their fighting turns from being annoyed with each other to I really enjoy fighting with this person.

Their relationship changed the dynamic of the story, one minute I was hoping for a future with Daisy and Will then there was Luis. I found his character added spice to the story with his feisty personality, cheeky humour but actually being one of the nice guys. for me though there was a sad ending i may have cried a little, Daisy ended up with the right person.

The story captured my imagination, I had never watched formula 1 before, reading this it made me feel like I was there on the track, hearing the roars of the engines, the electricity and anticipation on race day from those in the pits and the drives wanting to get pole position. I was rooting for them as the made their way around the track wanting them to win switching between Will and Luis.

It made me see the sport in a different way, made me actually want to watch a race and love the sport where I now don’t miss a race weekend never thought that would happen. The buzz you feel reading it ,making you feel like you’re in every city they are traveling to Brazil, Singapore, Italy, you see the places that are being describe in front of you, wanting to be there for real. How Paige writes takes you in to the story you are seeing the things that are being described to you,  feeling the emotions of the characters living life through their eyes and their hearts feeling their emotions every step of the way.

It’s always the characters that make me read Paige Toon’s books, they are complex, flawed they are human.  Normally you wouldn’t condone or approve of someone loving another woman’s man but just like life it’s just not that straight forward. You can’t control how you feel, who you fall in love with. Life is complicated, humans are complicated we make mistakes, we fall for people we shouldn’t, this draws you in to the characters lives.

This unbelievable read is full of adventures, vibrant destinations, buzz of and energetic sport and love, it is a must read, another tremendous book from Paige.



Peanut xx

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