Book Review: Paris For One By Jojo Moyes

paris for one




Author: Jojo Moyes

Published date: 5TH February 2015


About the book

Nell is twenty six and loves lists she has also never been on a romantic trip away with a boyfriend ever, this is her chance, Paris for two turns in to Paris for one. How will Nell cope in the beautiful and chic city of Paris.

This is a wonderful quick read by Jojo, it is 96 pages long so takes know time at alL to get your fix of Jojo style of writing and her loveable characters.

Nell was a sweet character, I just wanted to hug her through the pages, she saw herself through other people mainly her awful mothers version of her that she wasn’t the adventures type, she was predictable though she did like a pros and cons list to decide what to do in situations.

It was lovely to see that it was Nell’s time to shine, for her to see she was more than what others thought of her, she could be adventurous, she could be anything she wanted to be and Fabien the broodingly handsome Parisan waiter/ writer made her see that.

Nell is taken completely out of her comfort zone and we are taken along for the ride, feeling like your walking the streets of Paris with her, sight seeing and getting to experience what its like to be the version of your self you didn’t know existed.

What I learnt from this book

Other people may have put labels on you, they may have a version of you they think you are but don’t see yourself through someone else eyes or views you can be whoever you want, event if that means you stepping out of that comfort zone.

Peanut xx





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