Always With Love By Giovanna Fletcher



Author: Giovanna Fletcher

Published: 2nd June 2016

Publisher: Penguin


About the book

Always with loves continues straight after Christmas with Billy And Me where Sophie has booked a trip to LA so Billy can see his family. Though she spoken to them before this is the first time meeting them. we know Sophie isn’t great with people well people she doesn’t know, shes out of her comfort zone how will she cope? will they like her? will LA draw Billy back to his old way of life when he goes back to acting?


My review

I adored Billy And Me, at that time Sophie was broken still finding her feet, trying to find the person she is then the handsome and kind Billy Buskins walks into her life and turned it upside down she followed him to London, taking her away from her beautiful village Rosefont Hill she lost herself even more.

Always with love is a wonderful book, Sophie is a strong woman but doesn’t know it and in this book she finds herself and what she wants out of her life. We see such a different Sophie in Always With Love, she is finally seeing that she is capable, she can stand on her own two feet but learns she can ask for help if she needs it, that’s not a weakness its a strength.

As with Billy And Me Sophie questions her furture with Billy, not doubting their love for each other but the fact their lives are so different when they are apart she doesn’t no if it can work. Sophie wants stability, to know the path her life is going to take her on and with Billy’s career she doesn’t have that. their future is so un-know to her, she has to deal with it and accept it, she knew when she first met him that their lives would keep them apart at times. Yes Billy doesn’t know where his career will take him and he misses her just as much when their apart as she does but she has to learn their love will keep them strong even when they are apart. they need to find the balance of them both being happy in their careers and in their relationship, they just have to be honest with each other along the way of how they feel.

One of my favourite things about this book is that Sophie’s mum has finally found happiness again. Colin asked her to marry him in Christmas with Billy and me the big day finally happens, the pages were filled with so much love and joy for Sophie’s patchwork family. it just shows that life may throw you horrid situations both losing their partners and children losing parents but through the darkness was light they now have this beautiful family that makes their house a home again with laughter, noise and a lot of love. it was lovely to see how Sophie’s relationship with her mum has changed, where they didn’t open up to each other before about her father to being able to now look at their past smile and cherish the amazing happy memories they had blocked out.

In this book Sophie grew so much, saying goodbye to the past and finding a way to move forward with her life. she always wondered if what happened with her father and how her mum copied with it stopped her from leaving Rosefont Hill, if her wings were clipped and she was forced to stay there. she realised her wings weren’t clipped she was soring in the place she loved doing the thing she was passionate about, some need to go, leave the place they grew up to find out who they are but she new who she was all alone it just took her awhile to realise it.

From Billy And Me, Christmas With Billy And Me and now Always With Love I feel in love with Billy, in this book especially he is kind, sweet, understanding of Sophie yes he makes a few mistakes along the way but who doesn’t. though that leaves Sophie to question their relationship but he’s one of the good ones, he’s a keeper because he’s the one person who truly understand Sophie and he accepts her and her funny ways she has changes him, given him passion for his craft with seeing her passion for her adorable café, made him want to be a better man and do everything always with love.

What I learnt from this book

When your in a relationship it doesn’t matter if its with a handsome movie start or not you have to know who you are what makes you happy and what you want out of life. you want different things it wont work

Long distance relationships suck but if you love someone you can make it work.

Through darks days remember the sun is still there, you just have to wait for the clouds to part there will be good times again.

Go read enjoy and let me know what you think

Peanut xx

Billy And Me By Giovanna Fletcher

Christmas With Billy And Me By Giovanna Fletcher


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