Me Before You Movie Review

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Like most when I read the book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes it touched my soul, to this day Will and Lou will always have a place in my heart, they have stay with me because of  their message, it struck a cord with me, it torte me how to live boldly.

When a book is made into a movie we as readers know that it will not have all the scenes from the book, as long at it has the heart of the book and the characters we cherish that is what matters to us.

I got to see the movie from two different perspectives, as I went to see this movie with my mum. she had not previously read the book so she got to view it on its own merit, she fell in love with the story, was touched by the characters and it brought on a discussion on what we thought we would do in Will’s situation.  unlike myself who knew every page and could not wait to see the scenes that I had envisioned in my mind finally coming to life.

I was not disappointed, I knew I wouldn’t be from the trailer, Sam Claflin ( Will) and Emilia Clark (Lou) had the most amazing chemistry, as soon as I saw them on the screen I saw the Will and Lou that I had pictured in my head, living the scenes through the pages I had read years previously. it was uncanny how they brought the two characters I loved and cared for to life. I had read interviews before hand about Sam saying Emilia was Lou as soon as she walked in and it was true she was the perfect Louisa Clark. Emilia played Lou so wonderfully she captured her essence, warmth, sweetheart and quirky dress sense that made me want some of her outfits to a tea. Emilia has the most wonderfully expressive face that lights u the screen she had me in fits of giggles and tears of touching sadness.

When I started to read the book I didn’t know it was about a man who was quadriplegic, I always fall for guys in books weird as that sounds, I thought how could I fall for a guy in a wheel chair but I did. reading the book I begin to see the man not the chair and Sam brought that to the screen. you see a handsome man who has had an excitingly thrilling life, he is smart, funny, challenging but a man not an illness. all Will was ever after was the choice to end his own life, he had his dignity stripped away from him, once a strong capable man who was independant all he had left was the choice to live or die. if I was in his shoes I would of chosen the same thing but each to their own. it was brave of Sam to take on this role with the hard hitting topic it focuses on with protesters  at the premiers but it is a subject that needs to be talked about. what would you do in the same situation?

The movie was done in such a dignified way, it didn’t glamourise the illness or ending your life at dignitas. it was real, honest from the prospective of showing what those with the illness go through just to survive day to day. In the end Will just wanting to die his way surrounded by those who  love him that’s all any of us want. that scene was done beautifully, I cant imagine what it is like to say good bye to those you love or see someone who has changed your life pass before you. it made my heart ache for those characters and those who go through it for real.

My favourite scenes were one when Lou was shaving Will something so intimate between them, their first real connection and it was a sweet second being the bumblebee tights I think we all want a pair now they are so Lou, that was a touching scene the whole birthday dinner scene was hysterically funny. lastly my favourite scene was being the wedding, them dancing acknowledging that if it wasn’t for Wills accident they would never of been in each other lives. that is the positive thing to come out of it all Will got to help Lou see that there is a whole world out there for her to go conker this gave him so much pleasure that he gave her the world. for Will he got to see a woman he would never of clapped eyes on before and falling in love with making him a better person by just being with her giving him the best 6 months of his life.

Well done to the rest of the cast, the Mr and Mrs Traynor were wonderfully played by Charles Dance and Janet McTeer they captured the characters so magnifiently, guarded but loving their son with each of the breaths they took, not wanting to let him go, fighting to keep him alive but realising that its his choice and hes made it.

The Clark family brought humour to the movie their is light and shade in every situation with life and they made what is a sad story lighter with the sense of hour they had. I adored that Steve Peacock ( Brax from home and away) was in the movie, the character of Nathan understands why Will wants to end his life those who are care givers see the pain, the undignified way they live the inability to even feed yourself I have so much respect for those who choose to care for others I couldn’t see people in pain every day.

The only scene I was disappointed that wasn’t in the film was the maze scene, I felt that would of shown a different side to Lou. it would of showed why she never left her small town, why she never when to university to study fashion and to go travelling. I can understand why they didn’t put it in for younger audience who would watch it and you still got the over all message whilst your alive live your life to the fullest.

The film captured the essence of the book, the beloved character and the message that it is sending to us all.

In the words of Will Traynor

Live Boldly

Just Live

And go see the movie.

Peanut xx






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