Christmas With Billy And Me By Giovanna Fletcher

xmas bnm.jpg



Author :Giovanna Fletcher

Released: 6th November 2014

Were I bought it: exclusively at Waterstones in paperback £1.99

Billy and Sophie’s story continues 6 months after Billy And Me finishes (review below), it is Christmas (obviously in the title) in the wonderfully quiant village of Rosefont Hill, the season is full of christmasy cheer, laughter, carols and a lot of food of course it is Christmas after all and calories don’t count then.

Sophie has a mystery email ask by a man if he can propose to the woman he loves in her beloved café, making the season even more festive and beautifully romantic. it brings Sophie’s patchwork family together for this mystery proposer who will it be?

The novella leads onto the second instalment of Billy and Me which is called Always With Love which has just been realised and I cant wait to open the pages and contiune on their journey with them.

An adorable must read.

Peanut xx

Billy And Me By Giovanna Fletcher


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