Book Review:The One We Fell In Love With by paige toon




Author: Paige Toon

Date realised: 19th May 2016


About the book

Identical triplets Phoebe, Eliza and Rose may have the exact same DNA but they were complete opposites, they had nothing in common until they laid their eyes on Angus the new boy next door who they all fall for.

One gets the boy and is set to marry him, who will it be?

My review

I  love Paige Toon’s books, they always leave me with a smile on my face and this didn’t fail to do the same, though I was smiling by the end, the bit in the middle was a lot of a deeper story than Paige’s previous books.

Its the relationship between the three sisters that is gripping, in any ordinary sibling relationship things can be difficult,  for these three there is the added pressure of having their own identity, finding themselves though at times it took them further away from each other.

Pheobe was the adventurous one this brought her and her dad together, they loved to rock climb, that passion made her go to France to be a guide before university. Rose was the smart sensible one, she follows her mothers foot steps going to London to study to be a  nurse, though realising that that isn’t her passion in life, on the journey of the story Roses voice becomes the primary voice. we see her grow step out of her sisters shadows and she finds the person she really is.

.Though they were all in love with the same boy and one got him it wasn’t really about him, it was always about the three of them. there was tension and resentment between the sisters both Eliza and Rose viaing for Phoebe’s attention. she had always been the funny lovable one, people were drawn to but it pushed Rose and Eliza apart when they had been close years ago. Phoebe hadn’t mean for this to happen, there wasn’t any malice in her actions just love for her sisters. It was lovely too see Rose and Eliza’s friendship flourish and blossom as adults to see them becoming sisters and friends.

The way Paige told this story was beautiful and really believe able, the characters were so honest and real, I could understand each of them and the decisions they made throughout the book. you connect to them, you get to see their lives through each of their eyes and each of their hearts and feelings.

There is a big twist that I didn’t see coming that changes the story, their lives aren’t the same, there’s questions that need answering, self  guilt that needs to be for given and they all need to find there way  to a life they want to lead and not feel guilty for.

No matter there ups and downs the sisters will always be triplets they will always love each other.

Its a must read

Peanut xx





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