Book Review: The Years Of Loving You By Ella Harper


Author: Ella Harper

Release date: 19th November 2015

Where you can get it: the works book shop the years of loving you £2

About the book

Ever found your soul mate but the timing was never right, you kept missing it and wondered if you will ever be on the same page at the same time that’s what happened with Ed and Molly.They are each others person, the person they were put on this earth to be with to be with, life events got in their way, will they ever find their moment?

My review

One word to describe this book frustrating, to the point where I wanted to scream and shake these characters. From the get go we knew Ed and Molly were meant to be together, when you meet your soul mate you don’t know what it is about the person you just fit, they get you and you get them, theres no ryme or reason it is just right. It is so rare to find that love when your young, it was understandable why Ed didn’t declare his feelings there on that first night under the stars, that decision sent them on a journey that took them in and out of each others lives, each going through ups and downs, leaving us to wonder if they would ever get together, hoping they would. .

Their love story is raw, honest and relatable, there are so many people who can relate to this story of missed opportunities, finding the right one just meeting at the wrong time. Their love for each other shone throughout their years of wanting and needing each other in their lives, every now and again letting their guards down showing how they truly felt, I was reading it hoping that this was the time they were finally going to get together but that openness was short lived. they would go against those feelings which made me scream at the pages.

They went through this cycle of friendship, giving in to their feelings  events taking place where Molly would get hurt and close herself off and distancing herself from Ed too scared to get hurt again but having to reconnect because no matter how many times she was hurt it hurt more not to have him in her life. know matter if they were close or keeping their distance their feelings for one another never changed they only got stronger, if something happened in their lives each other were the first person they thought of, they new what each other were thinking without saying a word that’s how connected they were that is something rare and something to hold on to.

I went through a world of emotions reading this book, the characters went through heart wrenching  experiences  subject of acholisum, life changing illnesses, losing people they love dealing with that grief and losing yourself in a relationship. Ella was really smart at how she wrote this book. It was truthful to the topics she was using shinning the light on topics that others shy away from as their not pretty illness to write about, I think they need to be written about. You get to see them from different aspects from those who are going through it themselves to those dealing with it around them and how those experience effects them and the decisions they make. It opened my eyes to how those going through something like alcoholism and a life changing illness are going through making me be so greatful that I or my loved ones haven’t experienced it ourselves.

The wrong timing and hidden feelings meant these two missed time being together, if only they where honest to themselves and each other.  They wouldn’t have gone through their lives wondering how each felt about each other leading to spending years apart making decisions that took them further away from each other. Though part of me feels they had to take the journey they did, that they got together when it was the right time for them. they missed out on many years together but as they say its better late than never.

Love wins out in the end , if it’s truly meant to be.


what I leant from this book

Don’t give up hope if you feel you have met your soulmate if its meant to be it will be.

If you feel something say it you may never have the chance again, it may just stop you missing years where you would be truly happy.

I hope you read and enjoy the book, I cant recommend it highly enough

Peanut xx



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