Billy And Me By Giovanna Fletcher




About the book

Billy Buskin is a teen heart throb that is in Sophie’s quint English village to film a movie, he wonders into the tea shop she works in, though its not just any teashop this is a very special one it mends broken hearts, bring people back to life and is a place for gossip and a slice of cake. Billy falls for Sophie as soon as he sees her, her kind heart which is always helping others, expecting nothing in return though she doesn’t see her beauty  and  its then that their love story beings.


My review

I adored this book, I don’t think I’m the only one who at some point has wished their mega star crush mine was Joshua Jackson (dawson’s creek) would turn up and fall madly in love with you or is that just me?! for sophie this happened though she didn’t no who Billy Buskins was and that was endearing about her. she fell for Billy the boy not the movie star and he liked her because she wasn’t fazed by his world, she was happy living her normal life, in the back ground away form attention helping those around her.

It was fascinating to kind of see behind the scenes of what being a movie star is like people complimenting you, giving you a big head, being in a fake world that’s why Billy liked being with Sophie in her quiet little village, he could have the normality that he has missed. no longer getting to be with his close family she gave him that feeling of being home back. you realise celebrities are humans, they want just what we want to be happy and be with those you love. personally it would be my worst night mare to be famous.

The secret that Sophie had been hiding for years that kept her in the village was heart breaking, that she had been carrying that hurt around for so long when she didn’t need to. it was insightful looking at the event that happened years ago that was still effecting them all those years later and how it effected them individually and how it has shaped the people they are and the decisions they have made.

It was interesting how Giovanna used the concept of losing yourself in a relationship, Sophie had left the comforts of home and what made her who she was. it had taken her a long time to get to that point. when she left she got swept up with the love that she had for Billy, wanting to be with him to try and make their relationship work in his world that she slowly lost herself along the way. she was following his dreams not her own. after every thing Sophie had gone through it made me smile at the end of the book that she found her self, believed in herself and that she felt worthy.

I’m so exciting to carry on with their story, I’m about to buy Christmas Billy and Me and then on the 2nd June Giovanna is carrying on Billy and Sophie’s story with always with love.

what I learnt from the book

Don’t let things though they be heart breaking stop you living for the present and dreaming of the future.

Through tragedy your heart does heal the will always be a scare left but those who love you will get you through.

All you need in this world is love, good people and cake 🙂

Peanut xx

dream a little dream Giovanna Fletcher

you’re the one that i want by Giovanna Fletcher


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