Book Review: The First Last Kiss By Ali Harris

first last kiss


About the book

Ryan and molly couldn’t be more different, he was the cool Essex boy who loves boy bands, l his home town of Leigh-on-sea and football mad. where as Molly on the other hand was the alternative girl, that wanted to stand out from the crowd though deep down she really just wanted to be liked and couldn’t get away from Leigh-on-sea fast enough. Molly loved to write lists especially what she wanted out of life, she wanted a career in photography, to travel the world having adventures, only then would she be ready to find love. she thought that love would get in the way of her life plan boys are a distraction she would say. life doesn’t work by lists, she and Ryan were constantly being drawn together like magnets, throughout their teenage years they were drawn back to each other but it never working out until one holiday they randomly bumped into each other more like Ryan stalked Molly  though he wouldn’t admit it and that’s where their story begins.

 My review

I thought after reading me before you and the fault in our stars no characters or story would effect me the ways those did, I thought I would never find a book that would cut me to the core and break my heart but this book managed to and more, it left me broken, sad, angry and hopeful. I’m one for a soppy book but the first last kiss it took me off guard I wasn’t expecting it to end the way it did, to have the emotional reaction  I had when reading it. I wasn’t ready to be taken on the journey these two characters took me on, I went through packs apon packs of tissues reading it, I never thought I would say this as I loved me before you so much and torte me so much that will live with me forever but I have to say it has been the best book I have read,  my all time favourite I’m tearing up just writing this review.

Love is an unexpected thing we don’t know when its going to enter our lives, if we will be ready for it or if that love with break our hearts in the end. love is taking a risk with your heart, jumping out of a plane strapped to someone you don’t know fully hoping they lead you safely back to the ground, its a big leap of faith.

The story of Ryan and Molly is raw, its not perfect from their very first awkward kiss, to cheating, taking a break, questioning if your ready for the love of your life at a young age, it shows what a real relationship is like. it isn’t your typical fairy tale romance but it is a beautiful one its an honest one, that has it ups, downs but most importantly the love they had for each other that just beamed through the words on the showed how two different people who aren’t perfect can be perfect for each other, how the years and their differences change each of for the better. Ryan torte Molly how to live simply that its friends, family and love are the most important things in life thing’s she was always running away from and Molly torte Ryan how to see beyond his small town that would always be his home, his happy place but he could also see what the beautiful world had to offer him adventures to be had and they had many so many, giving them memories they can both cherish forever, those are the things that really last as well as their love for each other through their pictures of the thousands of kisses they had.

After reading Ali’s book written in the stars (review below) it made me see this book in a different way. it was about our lives already being mapped out, that no matter what direction we go in, the decisions we make, we will always end up were and with who we are meant to be with. I think this is true for Ryan and Molly they found what most people search for at a young age, they had a true love story, moved in together, got married and had many adventures this was their destiny. Molly at a time wished they had met later in life but thankfully the stars had other ideas as if they did meet years later they would never of gotten to have the love story they had. I believe Ryan was destined to die young that’s why he had everything he wanted young, he had everything people search their whole lives for and some may never get it true love and a fulfilled life, its not the amount of years we get on earth its what we do with them and the memories we collect from those years that really counts. Ryan was wise he new from the beginning what life was really about that’s a rare thing, so he wasn’t angry when it was his time to go because he had the girl he loved from the first time he saw her and had a wonderful life though short what more can you ask for from life. I’m quite jealous of him really, I’m nearly 30 in two days actually and I wish I had what he had even if it meant me dying young as he had everything I wish for and haven’t gotten yet.

when reading a book I always find my self connecting to one of the characters, I can see myself in them or understand them a little more than other characters. in this book I connected to Molly, we are really very similar, I love seeing the world through a lens taking pictures I use it to sometimes separate my self from the world, I grew up in a small town and wanted to see what the world had to offer but I  also connected to Ryan I can see why Molly fell in love with him I like the simple things in life,  I don’t need things to validate me good people and love are all you need in this world and that was the most beautiful thing about him.

I liked the style of the story being set 5 years later, Molly telling her and Ryans love story through their kisses. the array of different kisses, the stories behind them and lessons you learn from them. taking you through their life, getting to see into their love story, seeing their love from the beginning and that their love will never end and their kiss that will never be forgotten and will live on forever. This book made me see kisses in a way I had never thought of them before, once you love someone you will have your first last kiss. every kiss goodbye, I’m sorry, a quick kiss good night they all lead you to your  last kiss so saviour  everyone of them store them in your memory, make each one count and get as many as you can before time runs out.

One of the parts of the story that broke my heart  was Ryan’s to be list for Molly, the strength, kind and loving heart he has shows in that list. to want the girl you have loved since you first saw her as teenagers to be loved by another man one day and to have his child brought me too tears also made me angry that after everything they went through they had that ending, it wasn’t fair, then life isn’t fair that’s why you have to live in the present and make the most of each day.

How Ali wrote about Ryan’s illness in a gritty, no holes bar way, honest and true to how it is for those going though it themselves to those who are wives but also then become their careers, family and friends. cancer is a shitty diseases its not pretty or kind it takes the person you love little by little and it was interesting how Ali came from it at different angles for each of the characters involved.

Ryan was wise beyond his years, he had life and love sussed out, he torte Molly so much about love and was still teaching her even in the days before his death. Ryan torte Molly that love is unexpected, like them they never new they would find the love of their lives in their teens. that the love they had would change them in so many ways. that’s the thing about love it cant be planned, you cant chose who to fall in love with that’s the beautiful thing about it. so when you find it keep it, hold it close and kiss that person and cherish those kisses because one day that first kiss with be your first last kiss.

Read it, buy a lot of tissues and let Ryan and Molly story take you on a wonderful journey.

Things I’ve learnt from this book

If you see a mole change go to a doctor it can save your life.

Don’t use sunbeds or sunbath using oil use factor 50 you will still get a tan it just protects you from skin cancer

Ali Harri written in the stars review

signs to check for your moles



kiss in the sky .jpg
If you read the book you will get what this picture means





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