Book Review: Our Song By Dani Atkins



Title: Our song

Author: Dani Atkins

Date published: January 2016

About the book

Four people, two marriages, one fateful night, their past and present collide.

On one horrific night four people are brought together, this night brings their past to the present and will determine what their futures will be.

Ally and David came from two different classes, Ally watches the pennies and likes a bargains whilst David comes from money and doesn’t even look at the price tag of things. Ally sees the difference they have and David just sees how much he loves Ally, they fought hard but loved harder until Charlotte becomes to be his housemate, that’s when it all changes for them.

After nearly a decade of not seeing each other, their lives cross path once more in a dramatic and unexpected way. Bringing back to life their past lives they once shared, the good and bad memories come flooding back, old issues are dealt with and new issues come to light.

But what will their futures be?


This is the 3rd book of Dani Atkins I have read, this book was 500 pages of tears, heartbreak and so much more. I’m never disappointed when reading Dani’s books, they take me through many different emotions by the end it had me heart-broken, I’m just glad I wasn’t on a bus when reading the ending as I would have had many strange looks as I was uncontrollably crying.

The story was a gripping, I kind of new what sort of out come there was going to be, although things in between threw me completely off guard, making me have to turn over and not put the book down to see what was going to happen next. ven if It meant me staying up until 3.30 am to find out thank you to whoever invented concealer I needed it to cover up my puffy red eyes.

It was a different setting for a story to unfold in a hospital where you may live or die, on tender hooks every second, minute, hour not knowing what was going to happen to the one you love. I’ve never experienced that before and it gave me an insight of the whirl wind of emotions people go through being in that situation, I hope I never experience it for myself.

There was so much heart (no pun intended) to this story, when you  read a certain part your heart will shatter into a million pieces, you wont be able to stop the tears from streaming down your face and landing on the pages.

I liked how Dani took you back through flash backs, back to moments in time that effected each of them. It gave me more of an understanding of the characters and what brought them to the place they are now and why they felt the way they did and made the decisions that lead them to that point in the present.

Through out this story I grew attached to the characters they felt like people I knew, Ally I found  to be strong, smart, brave and was a character I connected to straight away, she was someone I would like to be friends with.

I wasn’t such a fan of charlotte, I felt sorry for her, she was never happy with what she had even when she finally got it. she was living with doubts that the man she loved might leave her for his first love but she never seemed to realise how much he loved her yes your first love has a special place in your heart but he chose her.

David was a good guy, he loves both woman one from his past one in his present and will be in his future, he couldn’t see himself falling in love with charlotte but Ally could that’s when she knew they would never work out and gave up on their relationship they ended up with the people they were meant to be with. Joe what a wonderful husband, amazing father and one of the good guys, I could easily fall in love with a man like him if he was real and a perfect match for Ally they had a great happy life together with their son.

Closing the final page left me with a heavy heart, also with a smile that I knew these characters were ok healing from their past and looking forward to a future together.


 what I learnt from the book

The three of them  were meant to be entwined forever, there was something pulling them together no matter how hard they tried to break the cord that bind them. In life our lives go in different directions, we run from things, we hide, we move on but we in the end up where we are supposed to be and with the people were supposed to be with.

I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Peanut xx





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