Book Review: A Walk To Remeber By Nicholas Sparks





I have cried many tears watching films adapted from Nicholas sparks books but I have never read one of his books till now. I knew it was going to be a heart breaking read and it didn’t disappoint.

About The Book

The book is set in 1958 when Landon is seventeen, he is paired up with Jamie Sullivan as the lead actor in the end of year play. Being from the same town of Beaufort Landon had grown up with Jamie exchanging the odd conversation here and there but they didn’t really know each other as friends until they worked on the play together that’s where their  story begins.

My Review

I was ready with the tissues at hand, I know from passed experiences of watching films based on sparks books that you will be a crying mess by the end.  This story wasn’t just a love story, it was about hope, finding yourself and never judging a book by its cover..

You can have preconceived impressions of someone without knowing them, in this case Landon thought he new Jamie, she was plain, loved god always carrying a bible around with her and she was always so nice to nice that it made her peers feel uncomfortable at someone being that nice. They didn’t get her, she wasn’t like any other teenager probably because her father was a minister and she was raised to have certain values one not to fornicate.

Landon grew so much with the time he spent with Jamie, he grew up and became a man slowly as he began to know her the real her not the person he thought she was. it was lovely to see how his preconceived ideas of Jamie had changed and he’d fallen in love with her, even with her brown awful cardigan. he was still a little intimidated by how kind she was but it made him want to be a better person and do things not because he waned to be kind but because he actually enjoyied doing nice things for other people he saw Jamie shine when helping others and that made him want to be more like her.

As time went by he realised though she may come across as more of an adult than a  teenager she still had the same hopes, dreams and fears as any other teenager. once you get passed someone differences you find we are pretty much all the same underneath we are all human whatever the outer shell is.

What I took away from this book is don’t judge people, get to know them, get to know their story you might learn something from them. its good to be nice and to help others, if their were more people in the real world like Jamie the world would be a better place. sad things happen to good people we don’t know why we will never know we just have to find something good in a horrific situation. finally miracles do happen and our love for someone we have lost never dies not whilst we are here the memories of those we love stay with us forever.

Peanut xx


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