Book Review: Written In The Stars By Ali Harris




About the book

One woman, two men, two lives, one ending which one will Bea choose.

Bea has had a troubled past, men have let her down by leaving her, its her past which holds her back from living life, making decisions for her self and choosing to be happy .

Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life, for Bea she has mixed emotions and a fall walking down the isle leads her to see her life going in two different directions, where will they lead her to, who will they lead her to, can she say good bye to her past at last and be happy?.

My review

This is the first book of Ali Harris I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it, its such a powerful read. its a great concept for a book, we all think what if! about decisions we have made about our lives. did we make the right decision?  would my life be different it I had only chosen a different decision?

Bea is broken, she blames herself for other peoples mistakes and decisions they made. she believes that one chose she made was the worse she could of made and doesn’t trust her judgement any longer, letting those who are around her and love her make the decisions for her.

With there being two directions Bea goes in after falling, Ali has made it easy to know which life she is leading, so the two aren’t confusing. both stories are intriguing and I enjoyed both, reading thinking which one will be her true story but knowing that in both the ending will be right for her.

Ali uses some really hard and tough stories in this book, death, abandonment and mental health issues that I haven’t seen being used in a book before which I felt was done in a respectful, honest, brave way. it gives an insight into depression and how it not only effects the person with the condition but also those around them. it was great to see that no two people with the condition are the same, they don’t have to have the same outcome. you can come through and deal with it, be happy and have a life that is full of love, happiness and being able to see the light through the darkness.

I loved the characters in this booking, learning something from each and everyone of them. each of the characters has something that held them back from living the life they wanted, whether it was their past, their family, their selves, they all had to come to deal with what was stopping them living to be able to move forward with their lives to truly be happy. to know who you are and what makes you happy is the most valuable thing in the world, once you know this the decisions you make will always be the right one for you.

With every decision we make it will lead us in the direction we are meant to be going in and will make us end up in the place we are meant to be. even if we feel we have made he wrong chose somehow the end destination will always be where we are meant to end up.

What I learnt from both stories is that for us to be truly happy we have to deal with the past, before we can move forward. you have to be happy with the person you are and know who you are before you can fully give yourself to another human being.

Always remember that there is no map in life, you have to follow your own inner compass follow your heart and your gut and you will always end up where your meant to be.

Go take a read of this wonderful book, you wont regret it.

Peanut xx





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