Book Review:Falling For You By Jill Mansell



About the book

Maddy Harvey was the typical ugly duckling when she was younger, NHS glasses, braces and wonky teeth but she grew to be a beautiful swan. At a party with only one contact lens in she had a little mishap she got herself in to a situation where she had to be rescued.Along came her knight in shinning armer and  a good looking one at that, well what she could tell her sight was a little bit hazy. The pair got chatting and Maddy who works at a deli wanted his business as a new client so they arrange to meet the following Monday that’s when Maddy had the shock of her life.

Excited to see if the hot guy was Just as hot with her sight back, she hadn’t stopped thinking about him she really liked him. She arrived at his office and knocked on his office door only for the door to open to Kerr McKinnon the brother of the man that ran over and killed her older sister April 11 years previously. She panicked and ran he hadn’t recognise her since she had clearly changed since then, once she told him her name he was in utter shock to. Though the shock there was a spark between them they had connected at the party, she couldn’t be with him now could she? what would her mother Marcella say if she found out Maddy’s mother who had so much hate and anger towards all of the McKinnon family members.

My review

I have read 5 of Jill’s books now including this one reviews below and this has to be my second favourite next to three amazing things about you, it was a different story to anything I had read before, it had love and hate, many secrets and shocking outcomes.

There was the moral dilemma of family v’s the man you have fallen in love with, though I could completey understand where Marcella Maddy’s mum was coming from I could see why Maddy wanted to be with Kerr, he was an innocent party in the horrible situation, he wasn’t to blame for Maddy’s sister April’s death but his brother was. Being as they had the same surname he was to blame too,  the only thing he had done was be kind to Maddy and falling in love with her.

I enjoy Jill’s books because you have many characters some you love some you cant stand but they are always interesting and keep you reading on. First I disliked Kate Maddys friend when she was younger who was snooty, thought she was better than everyone because she went to a posh private school went from being Maddy’s best friend to bullying her.

Now all these years later she was living the high life in New York until she had a car accident which disfigured her face. No longer the beautiful rich girl she went back home to Ashcombe with a chip on her shoulder. It wasn’t her face that people off her it was her attitude.As the book went on her character became one of my favourites, she blossomed and grew reverting back to her old nice self, she had come so far from the beginning of the book. It was nice to see that it doesn’t matter what you look like if you show your  kind and happy with the person you are you can live a full life and find love no matter what you look like.

One of the biggest characters to the book is Marcella she is warm, loving has the biggest heart and she always has her families back. she is a lioness who protects her cubs at any cost, she might not be Maddy’s, Jakes, and Aprils birth mother but she has raised them nearly their entire life and she would do anything for them. That strength is also maddys weakness with her rage so strong 11 years later, you never get over the lose of your child she was pointing it at the wrong person.

The reason this was one of my favourites of Jill’s I have read so far is because there were a lot of things I didn’t see coming, they took me off guard and I was like NOOOO! the story took another turn where I thought it was going to go, it wasn’t predictable.

As I have mentioned about Jill’s books before, one down side sometimes is that there are so many characters which have their own storylines as well the main story gets lost in,they become the focus of the book. on the back of the book the story of Maddy and Kerr drew me to it, when reading I was more fascinated and excited to read other characters stories like Kates mum Estelle who you feel sorry for at the beginning getting walked over by her husband and daughter, treated so unkindly when she does everything for them but I was drawn to what happens to her through the book more than the main characters.

Though some of the other characters stories are more captivating at times, Jill’s books and this in particular the books are always amazing to read you feel your getting your moneys worth from the first to the last page. there will always be a character you will love and loath but still love to read about them in this book it was Dexter the grumpy, rude pub owner.

Give this book a read and let me know what you think.

Peanut xx








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