Book Review: Open House By Jill Mansell

About the book

The story of two classes Petrenella (Nell) the gypsy who’s family is always the gossip of the village of Kilburton and the posh Marcus who lives in Kilburton castle and his father had a fling with Nell’s mother.

As teenagers they had a few run ins with each other, they had a love/ hate relationship well more hate and annoyance but underlaying the hate there was passion and intrigue.

Fast forward  10 years Nell is now 26 she has returned to kilburton to help her mother,  Marcus is  now Earl as his father has died 6 months previously wants to kick her out of her home and Nell is there to save the day which means her working for Marcus as his assistant as they open up the castle to the public.

My review

I really enjoyed this book. I was a little saddened that I didn’t enjoy an offer you cant refuse as I thought I might (review below) I didn’t want to be let down by this story after getting excited by the previous one and being disappointed.

For me I enjoyed this book more because we got to see the spark they had at the beginning of the book which set the tone for when they saw each other again as adults, you wanted to know what would happen, did they still have that electricity between them masked as hate

From the first couple of pages I was hooked. its very Romeo and Juliet the two families two classes the two shall not meet. both characters Nell and Marcus are intrigue characters Nell has this air about her, mystical, secretive, to the out side world and to Marcus who has so  many questions about her. he wants to no more and through the story he gets to know her, the little things that don’t add up start to make sense to was nice to see how the cocky posh boy didn’t see class any more, he just saw a girl he had fallen for unlike Nell who took to heart his comment so many years ago said “my kind don’t marry your kind” and believed it.

Like a typical Jill Mansell book there are many layers and characters to this book, some times it can be overwhelming but they are easy to to keep up with. though I was finding myself wondering whether certain characters would be in the next chapter as there are many characters stories to keep up with.

A character I disliked in the book was Jemima Marcus’s little sister who unlike Marcus who grew out of this is my class and your not good enough she has that thought process and boy does she hate Nell and does anything in her r to hurt her but she redeems herself at the end she grows as a character and you get the feeling she may end up being a nice human being after all hopefully. a character I loved was Kiki Jemima’s friend she was funny, loveable, had a kind heart who Jemima took her friendship for granted and treated her badly. she had a terrible time with men always to eager until she found him at the end

This book is full of class issues, unrequited love, affairs, love/hate, heart breaking and sad moments that leave you thinking what would I do in that situation. one of the aspects liked was the person Nell was it didn’t matter what people said about her even when it wasn’t true she didn’t care what others thought of her which I wish I had that, it gave her a freedom to be herself.

Give this book a go tell me what you think I’d love to know.

Peanut xx

An offer you cant refuse








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