Book Review: An Offer You Cant Refuse By Jill Mansell

About the book

Lola Malone is 17 completely in love with her boyfriend Dougie 18, Dougie was heading off to University, they promised each other they would make it work that was until his mother had other ideas.

Whilst Dougie was visiting the university that was going to be his second home in Edinborough, his ghastly mother made a visit to Lola. she didn’t like Lola she wasn’t the type of girl she wanted Doug to be with, Lola wasn’t in the same class she offered her 10k never to see her son again.

Her first thought was NO! I love your son no money can change my mind that was until the other man in her life, the man that raised her needed her help leading her  to have to say goodbye to the boy she loved.

It wasn’t until 10 years later that they would find each other but how would he react to the reason she dumped him? will love win in the end?.

My review

I had read a couple of Jill’s books ( reviews below) I was drawn to this book as I thought it would be an interesting read because how much money could make you give up the love of your life? or who would you chose the love of your life for the man who has raised you?

Like a typical Jill Mansell book there were many characters, with several stories to keep up with, each intriguing and left me wondering would they get together? omg I wish they would admit their feelings for each other and oh boy what are you doing?! you are going to be left red faced with embarrassment again.

The story of Lola and Dougie drew me to the book firstly, whilst I was reading  I found myself being drawn to the other characters more, like Sally Doug’s sister she is funny, has a terrible dating history and is loveable but so untidy and Gabe a gay man trapped in a straight guys body. I think this was because I didn’t completely connect with Lola and Doug as a would of been nice if at the beginning of the book Jill had given a few chapters to their teenage selves, as I didn’t feel we got to see what their relationship was like in the first flourishes of first love. how they got butterflies when they saw each other how they met what their teenage selves got up to.

Finding each other 10 years later I still didn’t feel that connection, we didn’t get to know anything about Doug, the person he was, what he’d gotten up to over the years how it affected him Lola finishing with him like that. there were a few times do you remember when we did this and that but its didn’t give a picture of who they were and are now, we got to know Lola but not Doug which was disappointing. the only thing we got from his character was that he wanted to block Lola out, after what she did so they didn’t have much interaction in the book when they did it was very brief.

As a book I really enjoyed it, it had humour, twists, great characters I would recommend it over all.

Peanut xx

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