Book Review: Keeping Her By Cora Carmack


keeping her


About The Book

The sequel to losing it, at the end of the book Garrick was planning on proposing now its time for Bliss to travel to London to meet the parents. Being Bliss this isn’t going to be smooth sailing with her insecurities, awkwardness and tendancey to make things memorable not always in the best way but usually funny.

As ever Garrick is so sweet trying to make Bliss feel comfortable about meeting his not so nice parents. They aren’t the warmest or closest of families that’s why Garrick moved away 8 years previously. He wanted to make a life for him self, So he wasn’t forced to live a life where he had to paint a fake happy smile on his face, a life that his father would of made him live. This was going to be hard for Garrick to go back to the life he ran away from, moving away made him find the person he was meant to be, his passion for his career which lead to him finding the love of his life Bliss making him the happiest man he could ever be.

My Review

Firstly I hate the fact it was an ebook I understand why they put the sequels as ebooks as they are a smaller version, I hate not knowing when the ending is going to come, I need to beable to work my way to the ending getting my self geared up for it to come to an end.

I  really enjoyed that in the sequel Garrick and Bliss took it in turn to have a chapter, you got to see from each of their point of view and it was interesting how each of their feelings were sometimes miss judged or taken the wrong way, they had crossed wires wondering what the other was thinking

. Though we got to see a little from Garrick’s view point in losing it we got to know him more in the sequel. How worried he was that Bliss’s insecurities would mean one day she would listen to the voice in her head and run away from him thinking she wasn’t good enough for him. it was lovely that he always made her feel loved her little quirks didn’t stop him loving her and fighting for her to believe him though she never questioned his love for her that she always new.

Though Garrick is a fictional character and written by a female author, I still felt that it was getting in to the male mind, how Garrick felt about their first time they met, how he dealt with falling for Bliss but couldn’t do anything about because he was the professor she was the student, how her insecurities effected him. How some times for a split second he would feel like their life is going to perfect and he was worried that something would happen to ruin it but bliss would draw him back to her, making him feel he was balanced again, she made him feel like everything was ok it made him love her even more. i sometimes think that men don’t have the same thoughts as us woman but they do, they worry, have insecurities over think that was nice to see

It is a typical story  for a Garrick and Bliss  there are twists, awkward, funny moments but with a lot of love and adorableness, I was really sad for it to end I hope there’s another book and many more chapters to their story.

Give it a read, you will be so glad you did

Peanut xx

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