Losing It By Cora Carmack

losing it

The summer of 2015 I read my first Cora Carmack book, it was finding it, It was such a great read first I thought maybe it might be a bit one dimensional but turned out to be complex and touched on a hard storyline that I new I had to read more of Cora’s books, in typical peanut style I have read the books out of order the order.

About The Story

Bliss is a 22 year old virgin, she’s in her last year of university and has only just admitted to her friend Kelsey (who lets say isn’t shy with the boys) that she still has her v-card, her shock was soon replaced with we are hitting a bar now to get you laid.

The only way Bliss is going to get through it is to hit the shots for courage because lets face it she really needed it. on the way to the ladies she walks passed a guy who is reading Shakespeare, a bit strange for someone in a bar so she approached him. Bliss has never met a guy that made her stomach do somersaults but Garrick does in more ways than she even imagined were possible.

Bliss has always been in her head, she over thinks, analyses everything she does, she needs to prepare her self for things to come to gear her self up so she is less scared this time she just listened to her body and it wanted Garrick. going back to her place things were heading in the right direction she was following her body not her head though the night hadn’t been plain sailing up until that point there were many awkward, laugh out loud omg did that really happen moments sadly for Bliss her mind took over once more and she ran away from the situation like she always had done.

she woke up the next morning with the worst hangover, the embarrassing memories of the night before but with a feeling she hadn’t had before she really liked Garrick and she had blown her chances with him. she walked in to her first lecture to be introduced to her new professor a Mr Garrick Taylor the handsome man that she nearly had sex with just 8 hours previously.

My Review

From previously reading finding it I knew there would be more to the story other than Bliss wanting to lose her v-card, there was a reason why she was still a virgin at 22 and that was an intriguing story to be told.

I connected with Bliss, we are all scared of something no matter what it is that scares us, we have to face up to why it scares us and for Bliss it was sex, not the actual act but there was a mental block as soon as she got close to another person. she would run using any excuse.Through the story she was finding herself, she grew more confident and self-assured and found the reason why she would always run when sex came in to play.

I liked the characters in this book, there were only a few central characters but they all brought something special to the book and added another angel to the story. Kelsey who is one of Bliss’s best friends is the complete opposite to Bliss, she is fearless, she pushed Bliss out of her comfort zone. through from reading finding it previously I knew there was more to her character but in this book she was the life of the party, the fun girl the one who took risks and didn’t think where all Bliss did was think

Then there is Cade he is the typical boy next door always there to give Bliss a helping hand, she even contemplated losing her virginity to him because he was safe, she was comfortable with him but he didn’t give her the spark that Garrick did I liked she didn’t take the easy out that her character so could have done..

This book had a lot of heart, it wasn’t your typical love story, it was terribly awkward in the best possible way, life’s not perfect but as long as you find the funny side of those awkward embarrassing moments you will get through anything. It had me belly laughing and it was real the emotions, the fears, the wants and needs the fears for the future I was so glad to see there was a sequel I cant wait to read it.

my favourite line in the book is:

“There were so many ways for this to go badly. but then again, for the first time ever, I found my own life more interesting than the story of a character on a page. and god did I want to know the ending” Bliss had lived many lives through the plays she had been apart of living someone else’s life, it was the first time she was putting more into her own life and her own story which she hadn’t done before.

what I learnt from the book

We all have something that scares us, we have to find out why it does and not let it affect the way we live our lives. when we are ready to do something we will do it, there’s no need to rush those around will wait till we are ready.


Peanut xx



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