Book Review: A Walk In The Park By Jill Mansell

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This  is the second of Jill’s books I have read the first being three amazing things about you book review link below and like the first book this did not disappoint.

The story

Lara was sixteen when she left Bath returning 18 years later with a secret, also questions of her own that need answering.

Lara didn’t have the best of childhoods, her mother passed away when she was 13 her father was not a nice man nither was her wicked stepmother. The only thing that made her life bare-able was the love of her life Flynn, that change the night she left Bath not to return until 18 years later.

Lara had to face old friends who had questions for her to answer, why did she leave? where did she go?  has she come back for good? coming back to Bath  felt like coming home,  she loved Bath and she didn’t want to leave in the first place but now she was back and wasn’t going to leave.

She picked right up with her best friend Evie after all this time getting the past out of the way and now dealing with the present issues they had to deal with, Eveie’s cheating soon to be husband and Lara finally seeing the boy now a man she left behind. Flynn always wondered what happened to her, she now had to face the music and tell him what really happen all those years ago. she had always loved Flynn and that hadn’t changed when she saw him he still gave her butterflies all these years later.

My Review

To be honest I found it hard to get into at the start, more my fault than the book  as I didn’t have enough time to sit down and read chunks of the book for me to be able to get into the story. When I had a spare couple of days well I had things to do but got so engrossed in the book they fell to the waist side I managed to finish the book within hours.

The saying don’t judge a book by its cover was made for the characters in this book, you thought you new them and where their story was going to turn next but it would go off in a completely different direction keeping you on your feet.

Like the first book of Jill’s I read I liked that there were many stories in the one book, yes there was the main story of Lara and Flynn but the surrounding character had engaging stories of their own making the book well rounded and captivating.

There were many love able character Lara who made life decisions based on her past and how she was treated like most of us. this made her be really cautious with how she lived her life and the decisions she made which could of made her make a really big mistake.  Gigi who is vibrant, confident, self ashored, liked to say it how it was, is a great character she added life and energy to the book. Evie who started off being niave didn’t know her self worth, to growing through the pages of the story to be a strong independant woman who knows what she deserves and she goes and gets it.

There were many other quirky, not so loveable and funny characters, you would think with there being so many characters you would get lost in their stores and what had happened but the way Jill had written the book and the characters bad it really easy to stay on track with them and their stories.

I enjoy when I read a book that I get something out of it other than just a great book, I learnt from the story, characters and with this one I learnt a lot I learnt a lot from this book one being don’t live with what ifs, which  there were many in this book, just because something in your past didn’t work out, or someone treated you badly doesn’t mean everyone is like that. take risks with your heart it might just work out and be a strong person don’t be a walk over know your worth and make decisions for you.

Aside from the story I was drawn to this book as like Lara I love Bath, it feels like home though I don’t live there ( soon might be) every time I visit it makes me a happy person with the charming buildings, beautiful scenary and wide range of tourists walking the streets hearing their many languages is amazing. you get such a true picture of it through Jill’s discriptions It brought it to life.

I would recommend this book go and take a read and let me know what you thought.

Peanut xx

Three amazing things about you book review








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