Me Before You Trailer And First Review



The wait is over, we finally get to see the book that captured our hearts turned in to a movie, Lou Clark and Will Traynor have been brought to life with the help of actors Amelia Clark and Sam Claflin it will be in the cinemas on June 2nd

With books being turned in to movies there is always the thought will it do the book justice, we have such affection for the characters and their story, we want the film to live up to that. The actors that have chosen for the roles aren’t who I pictured as the characters but trailer looks like they a filling well, it was a welcomed surprise that Steve Peacocke aka Brax from home and away is in it.

From the very first viewing of the trailer it made me cry, it had captured the essence of the story, not every adoption of book to film stays true to the book but this looks like it has. tissues on viewing is going to be needed, I cant wait for the movie to be out.

Peanut xx




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