Book Review: The Longest Holiday By Paige Toon

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My love for Paige Toon’s books hit a new high after reading the longest holiday, with an amazing story and the tall and very handsome Leonardo.

The story is all about Laura and her not so successful love life, her first boyfriend dies, he’s a racing car driver and he has a fatal crash, she finds love again only to find out her husband Matthew ( he’s Lukas friend from the perfect holiday) of 7 months slept with a woman on his stag do and she is pregnant with his baby.

Not being able to cope with the betrayal of the man she loves, she tags along on her friend Marty and Marty’s friend Bridget (Bronty’s friend from thirteen weddings AND Paige is doing a book based on Bridget in 2017 eek!) girls holiday to key west Florida where she meets new people which makes her question does she still want to be married at all.

On a scuba diving lesson Laura meets Leo, he’s tall, dark, and oh so very handsome, he begins to heal her, her heart becomes alive again falling in lust and then in love with him. His past makes him have a wall up he is such a kind and thoughtful man, first he doesn’t want to be with a married woman because his mother was a mistress to his father but he couldn’t help himself, he and Laura set up a life together getting into a rhythm of life in the keys until Laura has to go back to the uk after 3 months to sort out her marriage where the story takes another turn I wont spoil it for you.

My Review

Paige Toon books never disappoint, they are easy read books with the style of her writing, after the first couple of pages your hooked, they just draw you in and you have to read more.

I always like how she winds old characters in to the books like with Matthew and Bridget, because of this it makes the books flow, you feel like your apart of the books and the characters lives, that you get to see another part of their story it doesn’t just end with the last page of the book.

These characters have so many layers to them, like Matthew though you know he’s done the most hurtful thing he’s still a good person who made a mistake, so you cant hate him you dislike him for what he did to Laura, you still feel sorry that his mistake has lost him the woman he loves. Laura is a loveable, relatable and a sweet character she has been through quit a lot and is so strong, even after the betrayal she still believes in love and she finds it again which made me smile the whole way through.

The other characters in the book add different elements and make you see things in completely different ways, you see the story from many different angles Laura’s, Mathew’s, Leo’s, Marty’s, Bronty’s, Laura’s parents, Carmen and Jorge which makes the story stronger and well rounded it’s not just a one-dimensional story. They all have such different personalities and I’m drawn to Bronty she is a vibrant, caring, honest and a fun character.

The story is something I haven’t read about before, yes there’s been one nights stands on stag dos before in the real world though they never had the after math of a child being born. the story is told with such realism and honesty. If I was in Laura’s position I would of been feeling the same way, I was meant to have my husbands first child, the child will always be a reminder of the mistake her husband made, yet the child is innocent in it, the baby that didn’t ask to be born in this way and just wants to be loved.

The part of the book I found fascination was how Paige made the correlation between Leo and baby Ethan, both being illegitimate from their fathers mistakes and them being the results. You get to see it from the baby point of view then the adults through Leo’s eyes how it has effected him now as a man. It made me think more of what it was like for them both Ethan and Leo not just Laura’s point of view and how its affected her. When Laura realised Ethan was Leo it made her see things in a different way too, it brought it home what it would be like for Ethan and her heart softened a little for him but unlike Leo Ethan has many people around him to love and care for him his dad doesn’t want to keep him a secret.

Paige Toon takes you on an adventure, her past books set in London and different parts of Australia this time it was Key West Florida, you feel like your there living in the world through her characters eyes. I especially loved the underwater description  I felt like I was floating in the water in the blue blue water swimming with the fishes taking in the beauty of the underwater world, her books make me want to go an explore these countries she is taking us too.

Leo as a character was an interested one to read and get to know, he is very guarded, is a man of very few words with the way he was raised and the horrible events that have happened to him. Through the story you knew he cared and loved her Laura but he didn’t want to get hurt. It wasn’t until he had a couple of chapters in his words that we got to know him truly, the man who usually only gave small answers if any at all finally opened up his heart.  I enjoyed getting to know him more seeing the depth of his heartbreak from the past and love for his Laura. I was willing for him to have a happy ending as well as Laura, I really took his character into my heart.

I cant recommend Paige Toon books enough, I am always sad when they finish but cant wait for the next one.

Peanut xx








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