One Perfect Christmas By Paige Toon

one perfect christmas  my Paige Toon one perfect summer book review.

After reading One Perfect Summer I was so saddened that the book had ended as it was such a beautiful read, so you can only imagine how excited I was to find out there was a One Perfect Christmas a short downloadable book to carry on the story that captured my heart.

The book follows  Alice and Joe’s first year together their ups and downs that their past and present brings with it. they are no longer 18 years old their lives have changed and have gone in different directions  Joe’s an even bigger movie star, Alice is still technically married and doesn’t want to give up her “normal life” the job she loves but one thing hasn’t changed is the love they have for each other it has only got stronger.

Neither of their lives are straight forward but it ends with them spending their first perfect Christmas together, after 10 and half years of waiting for this moment.I simpley loved these characters, they had so many dimentions to them, you knew that their love was real and their hearts were made for each other but it was life that got in the way but it was so beautiful to see them getting their perfect Christmas. Joe never had a proper family he never got to spend Christmas with anyone he loved and now he has he got his girl his Alice

The best part about Paige Toon books is that the characters always find their way into other stories so you get a glimps of what happens after the book ends and they get their happy ever after

I hope you enjoy the book heres where you can download it

Peanut xx




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