Book Review: One Perfect Summer by paige toon

When I started reading Paige Toon books I never realised that the characters would intertwine in the books she has written. I had previously read pictures of lily’s which has these characters in so I found out what happens after this book ended,though it didn’t spoil the book for me as there is so much that happens. it was lovely to see how they got to where they were in pictures of lily’s, reading this book made their ending even more sweeter and beautiful.

This book gripped me from very first page, it brought back those feelings of your own first love, the first loo,k the butterflies when ever you saw them feeling like you would never love anyone like that ever again your first love will always own a bit of your heart.

You never forget your first love those feelings are forever with you and that is no different for Alice who meets Joe whilst on holiday in Dorset with her family. Alice is head over heels as soon as her eyes meets Joes in the local pub, its a summer holiday neither of them forget for good and not so great reasons I wont spoil it but it is gripping,shocking and will have you in tears it did me.

It’s one thing for your first love to end but to end with the love of your life disappearing is another, so many unasnsered question, never knowing if you’ll get the answers you need or see the boy you fell so deeply in love with ever again.

Once in university Alice isn’t the same happy person she was pre Dorset, she’s angry, heartbroken and  living in a daze feeling nothing and her relationships with those she loves have changed because they didn’t understand the feelings she had for Joe and why she cant just get over him it was a love only she and Joe understood.

It’s not until she meets Jessie the guy that literally saves her life from the dark whole she’s in, she comes alive again she finds another love one that is very different to Joe. I’m not a fan of his, I found him to be rude, controlling and manipulative. the whole relationship she still thinks and wants to find Joe but she gives up looking but her heart never forgets.

It’s not until 9 years later in the most bizarre way she finds her Joe again, will she get the answers to the questions she’s always wanted? will he still be the same boy sweet, kind boy she met all those years ago her life has changed and does she want to ruin the life she has created all these questions are answered but will it be the answers she wanted to hear.

The characters in this book were so well written they were vunerable, funny, heart breaking I  wanted to hug them through the pages I took them to my heart and wanted their story to have a happy ending. parts of the story are hard to read as  it’s so shocking, unthinkable and heart crushing  but it makes the ending so much more beautiful. it has been one of my favourites to read of Paige Toon’s books and will be reading it over and over again for years to come.

What I took from the book is that it doesn’t matter how hard your life may start out it doesn’t have to always be that way you can create the life you want find love and have a happy ending.

Peanut xx

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