Fractured By Dani Atkins


Title: Fractured

Author: Dani Atkins

Date published:  November 2013

About the book

Fractured one woman, two lives, one ending.

One event that changes Rachel’s ever, Rachel and her friends are celebrating the end of an era, finishing school, going off to university, being out in the big wide world. when a car crashes through the restaurant killing one of them, none are the same again especially Rachel.

Six years later Rachel has an accident which she comes round from to a life she doesn’t recognise, the lonely, depressing life she thought she was leading was no more, she had woken up to the life she wish she had that she was with the love of her life, full of joy and happiness, she was in search to find out which was her true life.

My review

This story is a unique one, I haven’t read one quite like it before, the story goes through so many twists and turns you don’t know if you’re coming or going. One minute you think you know which is her real life, where the story is going to go then it changes on you and you don’t know where the next page is going to lead to.

Through out I was hoping the life she came round to was her true life but knowing it probably wasn’t going to be but not knowing what her true reality was. I loved seeing a different Rachel when she comes around after her accident 6 years later, she’s happy, in love and hit is a lovely compared to the bleak, closed off and shattered emotionally and physically from years previously.

I wasn’t expecting the ending that happened, I was saddened but it was also beautiful as she was with the man she loved all along.

It is a really interesting concept for a book, though It was a mind twister I really enjoyed it  another amazing book from Dani Atkins.

Peanut xx


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