Giovanna Fletcher you’re the one that i want quiz


Giovanna has  put together a quiz at the back of the book to see who your best match would Robert or Ben? so here goes


Question 1: do you believe in love at first sight?

A, Maybe. though sometimes it can take a bit longer to see what’s right in front of you….

B, Absolutely. when you find the one you know

my answer: A I think you can lust someone at first sight but one you get to no them they are less attractive and someone you’ve known for years and seen as a friend and out of nowhere you fall in love.

Question 2: physically, you’re more likely to pick which guy who is?

A, tall and athletic, with fait hair and piercing green eyes?

B, olive skinned, with messy dark hair and soulful deep-brown eyes?

my answer: A love sporty blonde guys 🙂

question 3:the most important feature in a boyfriend is?

A, a good sense of humour- they have to be able to make me smile.

B, sensitivity-they need to be thoughtful and aware of your needs.

my answer: A a guy that can make me smile 🙂

Question 4: your biggest personality flaw is that?

A, you don’t take anything to seriously

B, its hard to open p and be yourself.

my answer: B I find it hard to open up to people and be myself

Question 5: long- distance relationships?

A, can be managed if you’re both committed to each other. after all, absence makes the heart row fonder.

B, put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the relationship and rarely survive. you want to spend every day with the one you love.

my answer: A if you have an end goal like uni not in the long term

Question 6: what’s you’re idea of the perfect date?

A, a trip to the local bowling alley, with nachos and milkshakes on the side. retro, silly and lots of fun.

B, a quiet candlelit dinner at the local Italian restaurant. intimate. peaceful and romantic.

my answer: B romantic and my favourite food 🙂

Question 7: when it comes to showing how you feel?

A, actions speak louder than words.

B, its better to put it in a letter-after all, words last forever.

my answer: B letter you get to say everything you want and the way you want to say it words last forever.

Question 8: to demonstrate how much they like you, you’d prefer someone to say?

A, be spontaneous and sweep you off your feet in the heat of the moment- you cant plan these things.

B, carefully create the “perfect moment” incorporating all your favourite things- romantic gestures are the result of thoughtful hard work.

My answer: A if you like someone tell them, don’t wait you never no what will happen.

If you had mostly A’s

you’d be best matched with rob. gorgeous, sexy and outgoing he’s the kind of boyfriend who’ll protect you and cherish you- a great combination. although he’s suffered some lapses of judgment in the past, he wont make the same mistake twice and certainly knows how lucky he is to have you. above all he’s your best friend, and that means everything.

If you had mostly B’s

you’d be best matched with Ben. sensitive, brooding and handsome, ben would be a loyal and devoted boyfriend. although he’s occasionally led people on, with you he’d be committed forever, because he’s loved you since the moment he first saw you. above all he’s your best friend, and that means everything.

drum roll ……my perfect match would be ROB 🙂 not bad I think I would of chosen him too

who’s your perfect match?


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